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I set up a Windows 2003 AD DNS Server which is also running exchange 2003. The IP address is I gave the name of the internal Domain I am using DSL with no public IP.The company has an isp who stores their mail with the same name The external mail server is at Public IP I want users on the inside to send mail via the exchange server using outlook and recieve mail via POP3 ( the ISP in outlook as well. I have my smtp connector setup in exchange so sending email out is fine. When I want to receive mail via my POP3 account from ( I am getting an error saying that the server was found but did not respond. I know this is a DNS problem. I already have fowarders setup on my Internal DNS server to point to my internet service provider. My internal dns clients are pointing to my internal dns server (can access the internet). On my dns server I added an A record called mail assigned to I need to know what I'm doing wrong
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  1. You created a www record pointing to your hosting provider?

    But you tried to create one for a subdomain mail and it won't work?

    Is that correct?

    Also have you checked into changing your internal domain name to That is the MS recommended way of doing things. 2003 can apparently handle this change, but I have no experience with it.
  2. John7110 said:
    I know this is a DNS problem.

    How do you know that? It sounds more like a firewall problem to me, or possibly an authentication problem on the pop3 server.
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