Why can't I play games on new Forceware drivers?

Im currently using Forceware 56.72 for my XFX FX5600, everytime when i update newer driver, i can't play any games at all, excluding games in Windows XP and Vista. What happen?
It turns blank screen everytime i select the game i want to play... blank, nothing.
few weeks ago I tested using my fren's XFX 7600GS, everything runs fine, but blank for my FX5600....???!!!
I contacted the XFX support, they asked me to update my mobo chipset, I've done tat, but still problem not solved.

I need help. if u need any extra info, i'd like tt provide.

P4 3.0Ghz
Asrock p4VT8+
1.5GB DDR400
Samsung 172x LCD
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  1. New drivers arent always the best to goto.
    If your card is working just fine and the drivers dont improve anything then dont update.
    Since your card is fairly old, any refinements in new drivers will usually only benefit the latest cards.
    Stick with what works.
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