Choosing between internet speeds. Need help.

My DSL company has two offers. The first is 1500/736 for 26.99 per month and the second is 7000/896 for 36.99 per month. Which of these is a better deal, and what is the benefits of getting the faster one as opposed to the slower?
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  1. if u download alot from the internet , u should get the 2nd offer , other than that u go with the first one .
  2. How much difference will I notice?
  3. The $36 is really the better deal if you play games and download large files.. movies/music

    If you don't do that you could save the $10 and go with the lower end. That will allow you to watch videos on YouTube without a problem and playing games should still be fine.

    I'd go with the low end first and see if that suits your needs (without myself knowing exactly what you want to do) and if you find its too slow, you could always ask them to bump it up for you.
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