Very, very close HDD match for RAID 0 array

It's often stated that for RAID 0 to work best, you should use two identical HDDs, ie. same make, model, capacity, cache, etc. But how identical is identical? How picky are we? What if you use a WD1500ADFD and a WD1500AHFD. In other words, a non-windowed Raptor and a windowed Raptor. I'm guessing this won't be a barrier to proper RAID 0 implementation.

Any thoughts on this?

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  1. The reason behind needing both drives to be identical models, best if purchased together at same time, is to receive maximum potential performance.

    If drives are not the same, then the slowest (weakest) drive is basically what you equivalently are pairing and getting RAID0 performance (reliability) from...
  2. A non-windowed Raptor and a windowed Raptor? What?!?! What does having windows installed on one of the raptors have to do with putting them in a RAID0? Any data on the drives will be erased once you create and format the array.

    Minimally, the drives should be the same capapcity, speed, and cache size. Being the exact make and model is not absolutely necessary. The I in RAID does stand for independent/inexpensive.

    According to WD, the only difference between the "D" and "H" designations is that the "H" has the see-thru plate. Just a hint, with questions like this, it always helps to visit the manufacturer website to determine compatibilities.
  3. The window doesn't have anything to do with setting up a RAID 0 array, but the model numbers are different between those two drives. I just didn't know what other factors may influence RAID 0. The question wasn't really about the window, but more to do with how close the hard drives have to match to properly implement RAID 0. Since I bought a Raptor and a Raptor X within one week of each other from the same supplier, I don't see a problem here.
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