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I'm wanting to add 4gig of ram to my pc and since I have XP 32 bit which can't use 4gig or higher I thought i'd just upgrade my OS to Vista 64 bit. My question is will my programs work the same on the 64 bit OS??

quickbooks pro.. stuff like that?
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  1. Quote:
    My question is will my programs work the same on the 64 bit OS??

    That is an app by app type question. Vista is not the same as XP, so the Vista version may run differently, and 32bit Vista apps may act differently than 64bit Vista apps, usually in the features department. However, many 32bit apps may run on 64bit and in that case there should be little/no difference.
  2. Carefull with 4 gigs of Ram as well... There have been many documented problems with Vista at this stage and 4 gigs.
  3. I believe it is a little early to go to Vista 64-bit. I am running it right now, but switching back to 32-bit this weekend. Why? The Creative Labs X-Fi sound card driver and the nVidia 8800 video driver are problematic at best.
  4. Wispi... how much Ram do you have? I have an X-Fi and 8800 and had nothing but problems when I had 4 gigs installed. Re-installed Vista with only 2 gigs, and I have had no problems in the last 3 weeks with my X-Fi or 8800.
  5. I have 4G. I will pop two out and see if the system is more stable. I switched to 64-bit because I had 4G. It would be very strange to have to pop those two out because I am on 64-bit :p
  6. The issue with Vista 64 and 4 gig of RAM is to do with a Microsoft update not installing correctly!

    Fix is to download the patch direct from the Microsoft website and install it manually - bit annoying when you format hard drive etc as you have to take out 2GB of ram to install fix otherwise system is unstable. Hopefully something that SP1 will fix.
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