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in my experiences of playing backgammon whether it be online or board game i have never seen anyone roll doubles ( 1/1 or 6/6 etc.) threw out the whole entire game. i find it very ignorant that some of these players think that others are that stupid that we dont know that they are cheating. if you cant play fairly then they shouldn't play at all or at least be booted off the game
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  1. you do realize that dice rolling is a matter of chance right? there there is a 1/36 chance to roll any particular combination will appear. thats a 1/6 chance that there will be a double of some sort. just because you say you have never seen it before does not mean that the others are cheating.

    as far as them being ignorant...i believe you mean arrogant. if they were cheating i do believe they would know it therefore the definition doesnt fit.

    however, unless they were getting almost every single roll as a double (ie 16 out of 20 rolls) then i would have to just chalk it up to either a buggy random generator or you just being paranoid.

    you do realize that you dont have to play backgammon on msngz as well right?


    in any case... complaining about it on a tech forum accomplishes nothing.

    if you are dead set for blood, go email msn gz about it.
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