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how did you get Zune 1.3 running on Vista x64? I can't seem to manage that..

Thanks in advance,

Stan (sphanks)

Boy it has been awhile since I have purchased that thing…Let me search my memory banks….Oh, yeah, coming back to me now. I purchased the ZUNE device at Costco. I had to hunt for it among all the ipods (never owned an ipod or any other portable mp3 device of any kind). The price was right and MS made it and I am running MS software so what the heck. Took it home and hooked it up to the PC and it gave me some kind of error message like “software not recognized” or “unable to recognize system” something like that and I got a little agitated. G__damn it, I thought because I called the ZUNE support line BEFORE I made the purchase to see if it would run with Vista 64-bit and I believe they said it must or had to or something like that and I had downloaded the ZUNE software right off the website and it was running fine prior to purchasing the device itself..... NOW I REMEMBER, I PUT THE ZUNE SOFTWARE DISC IN AND IT WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE MY OPERATING SYSTEM....

Anyway, ended up calling the support line at 877-438-9863 and spoke with a good natured Indian fellow (seriously) and it so happens the ZUNE device itself was shipped with old software and the ZUNE device itself needs to be “updated” The guy was so gracious, I let him register the device for me. I had second thoughts after I hung up but, he did follow through. . So, get the device hooked up and do the following:

To check for and apply updates:
1. Connect the sync cable to Zune or the Zune Dock (sold separately).
2. Connect the other end of the sync cable to a USB port on your PC.
3. Start the Zune software.
4. On the Navigation pane (left) , right-click your device, then click Check for Zune Device Updates.
5. If there's an update available, follow the on-screen instructions to apply it to your device.

The key is there is ZUNE software on your PC AND your ZUNE device. BOTH MUST BE UPDATED. My device was originally purchased with a “version 1.0” and I believe it is now “version 1.3” and is very compatible with Vista 64-bit. I mean, I really do love it. Use it at work, I found a 1/8” mini RCA Jack (which connects to this device or any ipod) and the other end had a left and right audio jack/connectors. I used this on my home stereo system downstairs with the large Vega speakers. I have an “ipod” jack in my auto and works great. In fact, I was going to go with satellite radio like I did with my trade-in car, now I’m not sure. This device far superior in the Auto to local AM or FM radio stations and even possibly superior to satellite because there are absolutely ZERO ADS OR DJ TALK OVER. This ZUNE thing is really something plus I load my camera shots onto it and it has a big screen to show photos to co-workers. The MS software running it is not that complicated and it rips CDs to the PC very fast. Once you get the songs in the PC ZUNE software it very easily “syncs” or loads it to the ZUNE device. And of course you can buy credits to purchase individual songs. Did a little of that. Did you know there is not a single Led Zepplin tune you can purchase as an individual song? Guess they are going to force me out to buy the entire CD.

The only downsides I have found are 1. This is not a portable hard drive and it is for “one way” flow of data from the PC to the ZUNE device and does not go backward i.e. from the ZUNE device to the PC. 2. On occasion it will just shut off. Don’t know why. And this is rarely. Just have to turn it back on. 3. The ear pieces that came with it hurt my ears after awhile. Went, out and bought $139 Bose TriPort headphones. Their okay.
Bottom line; Glad I made the ZUNE purchase.

Windows Vista Home Premium
64-bit Operating System
I.E. 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Gateway FX510S
Intel(R) Pentium® D CPU 3.40GHz
4093 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS Graphics Card

(IP Provider Cox Cable)
Download: 10.0 Mbps Upload: 1.0 Mbps
Coaxial direct to tower for TV viewing on Monitor

Linksys Cable Modem Ethernet connection
HP LaserJet 1300 PCL 5 printer
Logitech Z-5300 Speakers and Sub-Woofer
20” Envision LCD Monitor
30 GB Zune Digital Media Player
APC Back-UPS ES 750
Western Digital 60 GB Removable hard drive
Belkin 15in1 Media Reader/Writer

MS Office Professional 2007
Adobe Acrobat 8
Trend Micro Internet Security 2007
MS Zune Software Version 1.3
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  1. WOW, I guess the ZUNE device can be used as a portable hard drive...I stand corrected...........Love being on boards....always learn something new.............
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