Problems with Vista anyone - a sobering story

Earlier in January, and long before it was released here in the UK my wife's employer, who owns a nationwide employer advice business for professionals was very keen to introduce Vista to the head office which my wife manages. But, on the advice of her friend in Moscow who had already tried Vista she was advised 'most strongly' to dissuade her employer until the Vista SP2 appeared in about 18 months.

My wife spent the best part of February dissuading her employer from converting the office to Vista. Her employer succumbed eventually, but did appease himself somewhat by subsequently purchasing a top of the range Sony laptop with Vista in early April. Since loading his business files on to the machine he has spent a lot of time pulling his hair out after his new machine had several crashes which cost him so much time. He has now since returned to his old machine running XP Pro.

A quick scan about the papers showed me that it appears impossible to purchase a new laptop without Vista. Until this sorry episode I had decided to buy my wife a laptop this summer for her birthday. I'm now looking to purchase a day in a super car for my loving 'petrol head'.
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  1. In the modern world, to keep down costs laptops are usually sold with the absolute minimum requirements necessary to run an OS. That has been true since the Windows 95 days. Only in the past few weeks have I seen laptops that are "standard" with 2Gig of RAM and a hard disk of at least 80 Gig in the local computer stores. Sounds like he's just another non-tech guy who became a dumping ground for Sony.
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