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Networked PC don't see each other

Last response: in Windows XP
a b D Laptop
May 4, 2005 11:57:39 PM

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I ran into this problem tryong to setup 2 computers on my home network ton
playRA2, but it's gone way beyond that. What's happning is neither of the
computers can see each other execpt in network places. To give some details
I;m running Windows XP Pro SP2 on my laptop and Windows Home (not sure of
SP) on my tower PC. the NIC on the Tower is a Linksys 10/100 & the NIC on
the laptop is a Realtek RTL8139 networked through a Linksys BEFW11S4 V.2
router. I've entered the MAC adresses for the cards in RA2 but don't know
the port # to enter. With DXDiag the network tab reports no problem but
dosen't see the other PC when I try to run a Direct Play session. I've
managed to setup a VPN connection where the Tower can connect to the Laptop
but can't get the Laptop to connect to the PC. Both computers can share
files and printers through Network places, but sofar that's the only PC to
PC connection I've gotten to work right. The main thing I need an answer to
is how to find the right port numbers to set for RA2, but getting answers to
the Direct Play & VPN problems would be a bouns.


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a b D Laptop
May 5, 2005 7:18:03 AM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

The post is a bit vauge to answer straight away, but here are some simple
things to check:

On both PCs, under System Properties (right-click on My Computer and choose
Properties), check that both computers are in the same Workgroup under the
"Computer Name" Tab. I'm pretty sure they will be if they can see each other
in Network Places, but it doesn't hurt to eliminate the easiest fix!

Assuming they are both in the same Workgroup, the next step is to check that
thier IP addresses are on the same subnet. This is done by opening a
commmand prompt (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt) and typing
the following command; ipconfig

This will show you the computers IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default
Gateway. The Gateway should be the address of your Linksys Router and should
be the same on both PCs. Likewise the Subnet Mask should also be the same
(probably or or Each computer will
have a unique IP Address which is similar to the Gateway address except for
the last few digits.

If this isn't the case, then the PCs are not communicating through the
router correctly and it'd probably be easiest to run the Windows XP network
wizard again. If however they are on the same subnet and have unique IP
addresses the next thing is to check administrative shares, but one step at a
time eh?

Want to give the above a try and post back?
February 23, 2009 2:10:37 PM

I have already than this thing, in my case im using higher version of win xp sp3 and the other lower version of sp3 i have already check my net and ping the oteher pc still doesn't see the shared files
a b D Laptop
February 23, 2009 10:27:22 PM

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