NCIX 2900xt US @ CDN prices posted

484.55 USD
539.20 CDN

For reference 8800gts 640's range from 472-573cdn at NCIX.
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  1. Aweful price.

    I saw the link, checked out their other cards to compare, and now they seem to have removed the HD 2900XT just a few minutes later.
  2. Quote:
    I saw the link, checked out their other cards to compare, and now they seem to have removed the HD 2900XT just a few minutes later.

    Yea, "No Such Product".

    But the price look quite bad...
  3. I screen captured the prices give me a few minutes to put them up.
  4. That price was a heck of a lot above the 400 US that everyone was kind of hoping for...

    And way too close to the GTX's price for comfort. 530 Canadian, I was seriously thinking about getting Nvidia's instead, considering the GTS320 can be had for 300 Canadian and the GTX for about 600...

    Then thinking about the horror stories of Vista/x64 support from Nvidia kind of brought me back to thinking that it was some sort of error.

    Here's hoping the card they put up was some sort of massive overclocked/massively cooled system (IE: ASUS watercooled-esque)
  5. I'm sure like anything given a week or so the prices will find their place which is usually lower.
    I anticipated NCIX might remove it, here are the screen captures.
    Ouch, on preview photobucket really compressed them, oh well good enough to see.

  6. well, if it has the performance to back up the price, i'm getting one for sure. ATI4LYF :twisted:
  7. It had better beat the 8800GTS something silly in the real benchies..
  8. It's a BBA; they always cost more. Look for other sites to sell a Sapphire for under $400. (hopefully)
  9. I checked out that Europe site and the price of the 2900XT is 93 Euro. Am I missing something? How can that card be so cheap or is it a typo?
  10. Must be a typo, but hey, it would be silly not to order at that price and try to make them honour it :D
  11. And the order has been cancelled, and the price revised back. Damn!

    Geachte heer/mevrouw,

    U heeft bij de Asus 2900 XT besteld.

    Zoals u ongetwijfeld weet heeft deze voor een nogal prijs op onze website gestaan.
    Logischerwijs kunnen wij de kaart nooit voor uw bestelprijs leveren en is dit ook geen aannemelijke prijs.

    Wij hebben daarom dit product uit uw bestelling gehaald en mocht dit het enige product zijn dan hebben wij uw order geannuleerd.

    De prijs op onze website is inmiddels weer aangepast.
    Mocht u de kaart alsnog willen bestellen dan kunt u dit alsnog doen.

    Indien u de kaart al betaald heeft zullen wij proberen zo spoedig mogelijk uw geld terug te storten.

    Mijn excuses voor het ongemak.

    Salland Automatisering
  12. One thing to remember about NCIX is that they jack up the prices before release to reduce the number people who don't get the hint about 'not available taking orders'.

    They also aren't the best place for ATi/AMD prices they are an official nV launch partner and usually have great prices on nV products near launch, but their ATi prices are higher than ShoprBC, Anitec, CanadaComputers, heck even my local MemoryExpress. Their GF7800GTX-512 cards were cheapest at launch, then sold out, then suddenly were the same price as everyone else's. They even took pics of the GTS-512 to show that it wasn't a 'paper launch', of course after that first batch it was more than a month before they ever got stock again.

    My favourite was the X700XT for over $1100+, for a product they never did end up getting/selling;

    Even afterwards despite never getting one $565? :roll:

    I'd wait until they actually have them in stock before using them as a pricing guide for anything.
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