Win7 explorer hang for 1 hour exactly.

this might seem weird. my dell inspiron 15R (win 7) just started hanging one day for explorer.exe.
i searched on net n found that most probably it was the hdd. it was corrupted so explorer would hang when searching the drive. this problem occured only for some parts on the drive, i.e. only some folders. i restarted system n run various diagnostics-all of which were hanging up too. then after exactly an hour i accidently opened a 'damaged' folder and it opened up well. now i hv it up and running well. i still dont know what happend
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  1. I had similar problem with a damaged hard drive that would require a reboot.
    This means your drive will probably fail soon.
    I recommend investing in a new drive, they are very cheap now, a 2.5" 500GB 7200 rpm drive is pretty fast and cheap. Could also be a loose cable or connection or something else.
  2. it is what it is

    if its under warranty get warranty for it

    if its out of warranty run some tests on the hdd and also do a prime test to check for overheating/throttling etc
  3. I would suggest you to boot into safe mode and check if you face the same issue.

    Open the Task Manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete.
    Select the “Processes” tab and find “explorer.exe”. I usually sort by Image Name to find things easier. Just click on the column header named “Image Name” and it will sort ascending. You can also click it twice to sort descending if the item you’re looking for is at the end of the alphabet.
    Once you’ve located explorer.exe, click on it to highlight it.
    Then click the “End Process” button to kill it.
    A warning will appear about undesireable results, but things are already pretty hosed to have gotten you here anyway. So, just click Yes.
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