my dvd-rom drive suddenly disappears

ok i installed vista ultimate 64bit. everything has been working nice except for this problem i am having with my dvd drive.

normally the drive appears right beside floppy drive and below local disk drive.
now, sometimes it just disappears. if i go to device manager it also disappears from there.
i found something that could help me that told me to edit some registry keys. however, i couldnt do it because the registry values i needed to modify arent there.

my drive always appears on BIOS and i am not having any problems with it on XP.

i noticed this happens under certain conditions.
1 if i boot my system with a cd/dvd in the drive bay the dvd drive simply never appears.
if i boot with the drive bay empty the drive shows up normally.

the other circumstance is a bit more random. it just disappears when i put a new disk on the drive bay.

hope i can get some help i have searched everywhere for similar problems but i havent had any luck finding a solution.
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  1. I've never had this problem in Vista, but I did in XP. My problem had been having my DVD and hard disk on the same IDE cable and the hard disk was set to IDE Auto Select and the DVD was specifically set to Master. I moved the DVD off the IDE chain and onto its own IDE cable and the problem went away.
  2. i have my hard drive on a sata 2 cable and my disk drive on an ide.
  3. Are you using autodetect settings?
  4. yes
  5. It does sound strange, is anything showing up in any of the log files?
  6. show me where to look and ill show you.
  7. You replied to yourself but since you said 'show', I'm assuming you are asking where to see the log files...

    start orb
    ..control panel
    ....administrative tools
    ......event viewer

    There are probably 100 different log files - start with 'system' and look at the red and yellow ones. if it isn't obvious, click the link and sometimes you get a much better description. eventually, try to clean all of them up (and good luck on that!).

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