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Hello guys. I administer a small network, 40 comps running xp sp2 and 2 servers running 2000 sp4. I currently have norton corporate edition installed and my license expires in october of this year and I would like to trash it and go with a new av package because norton is such a system hog, currently the rtscanengine uses 40mb of ram by itself if you add all the other services and exe's required to run the software it can get close to 75mb wich imo is way too much.

I would like opinions from other network admins who are running other av software like Kaspersky or AVG. I run avg free edition at home and I like it very much, not a system hog like norton and I have seen on their website that they have packages for networks also.

Thx in advance !
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  1. that right you need once pc to run your os and apps and another just to run stupid norton.

    once you go NOD32 you won't go back fast, light you will love it. nod trial yo can find some Nod32 packages here check the 2nd and 3rd page for small business.

    they have a 30 trial for home use I gave you teh small business link if you want go to the home section and try the free 30 day trial, if you don't like it then don't bother.

    but I know you will love it ;)
  2. Kaspersky is good provided the network you're talking about is all high speed. If you've got any adsl or slower links to outlying sites, it's not so good, as it won't throttle back. The console takes some getting used to, but doesn't everything new.

    Avoid Norton, big time. Bloated and resource hungry, it somehow has a solid reputation, which it scantly deserves. Edklite's suggestion of Nod32 is a good one, worth a look at. Have a look at BitDefender too. Oh, and F.prot ( is another to consider. They all do similar free trials, so it's worth taking your time and evaluating each product before plumping for one finally. As the admin, it's your neck on the line, so be 100% you've got the right one.

    Finally, if money is not a problem, McAfee. I went to an AV seminar recently, run by an independant security house, and all the people said no-one is as good. You do pay a high (£££) price for that though.

    You've got some options now though, hope this helps you.
  3. mcafee is just as bloated as norton ;)
  4. I agree about mcafee. I am now evaluating kaspersky and will do the same for avg, bitdefender and nod32.
  5. good luck ;)
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