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Am I interpreting the list of games supported (in 32 bit and 64 bit Vista) in the sticky thread correctly when I say that most of the games listed will run in Vista 32 bit but not in Vista 64 bit (looks like maybe 20% of games or less work in Vista 64 bit)??? The reason I ask this is because the list usually has a (32 bit) in parentheses after the name but not (64 bit). Please clarify dasickninja or anyone else with knowledge of this subject. Thanks!
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  1. well, well, well. Look what I found.

    any additional info/confirmation would still be appreciated!
  2. well well well... All of the games in the world that are worth playing all have 'heavy faults' (all 22 of them!), damn! They are listed right there in his link! Opps, 4 people say they don't have any issues at all and almost all of the rest say they are running nVidia...

    Those are all of the best games in the world aren't they? I'm just curious, I'm not a fps game player at all, I'm only taking his word for it that this is the definitive list...

    Well, I'm sure that does it for you Hathorian... you probably shouldn't get Vista in two weeks like you were planning, certainly not the 64-bit version. I think you should at least wait for SP1, maybe next summer, or even later.
  3. Doesn't seem like a lot of games. Unfortunately, there is probably a lot more than that won't run in Vista 64. Seems like most of the testing has been done in Vista 32 from what I can tell. I don't know....
  4. Quote:
    would still be appreciated!
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