TFT-display? Not yet!

I've worked with some of the newest SONY and CTX TFTs, but I was disappointed. They could hardly compare to my home flat CRT monitor, running at 100 Hz. The only thing I liked was the cool look - they are thin, which saves space. But I can't understand why I have to give so much money to get a worse display than mine CRT.
The positive thing is that the technology is developing. Several years ago the LCDs looked really awful. Maybe several years later... who knows... I will say: "YESSSSSS!!!! The TFTs are great, the picture is great, the price is fine!" But not now.

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  1. Have you had any chance to work with Sony SDM-S71? If compare to all other TFTs not CRTs, how is the color, response time, etc.? Is it suitable for gaming? Well, I only play Counter-Strike though. Just want to know if it can run well with this monitor without image lag.
    If anyone else knows about this monitor or has any suggestion, please feel free to answer.
    Thank you!
  2. Saw it in the store yesterday. Wasn't very impressive. Ouch, it has 20 ms fall. That is noticeable.

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  3. I've watched a DVD on it. You must be exactly in front of the screen to watch fine. And, yes - fast changing the pictures leaves visual shades of the previous pics for a while. This is a personal opinion, but even if the money won't be a problem, I will wait to better the technology. I'm sure, in very short time the TFT will take the place of
    CRT monitors.
  4. I still wouldn't trade my LCD for anything right now :) I think the whole ghosting thing may be a personal thing. Obviously my eyes aren't sensitive enough to it, so I never noticed even when playing FPS games. I can't wait to upgrade to one that displays at 1600x1200 native though. The next generation of video cards will handle that with no problem, yet my 17" LCD only does 1280x1024 :(
  5. Yeah, new tech is necessary for it to be able to totally replace crt, but that tech is coming out real soon. FFD is comin. Hmm, what's this 5G LCD I keep seeing on tom's?

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  6. The generation number of a LCD-FAB refers to the size of the motherglass. A 5th generation such as the LG.Philips one can use a motherglass of size 1000mm x 1200mm

    Here is a link to the worlds 1st 5G Fab build by LG.Philips where you can see a motherglass which is used to make 9 18in panels:', 550,450

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  7. Ah ok, thanks.

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  8. As the specialists in psychology would explain you, most probably the majority of people grow accustomed. Lots of friend tell me that first they notice the slower refresh rate, but later they don't see it anymore.
  9. By the time technology will be improved with LCDs you CRTs lovers will all be blind! I am so glad that I upgraded to Viewsonic VX900, I no longer have any headaches and my eyes don't hurt even if I sit all day long. I just wish LCD technology would be a more affordable earlier because I lost my vision pretty bad using CRTs for 10 years now... btw, I bought it mainly for gaming and it rocks playing FPS shooter games (like SOF2, RTCW etc)Yes, I agree at first I noticed how slow was refresh rate, but I got used it very fast probably took me a week or so...
  10. Your first cigarette use to have and awful taste, but now you like them, right? (if you a smoker).
    I am just joking.
    By the way, I haven't got any headaches and my eyse don't hurt me too... It depends on the display ;-)))
  11. If you limit yourself on how much u use crt, ur fine. I find for instance if I stay in front of it from under 6 hours totally for the day, my eyes r fine, otherwise the muscles inside may hurt/ things seem too bright, but that's remedied by taking a break the next day. Also one's vision can deteriorate w/ age.....

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  12. Well, if you like CRTs and don't want to migrate to LCDs that's your choice. If you think that LCD technology is "not yet there" I would agree with you, but honestly I enjoy using my 19 inch LCD and don't really care. I may have a crappy computer, but good monitor is a plus and at least now I don't get all the radiation that I used to get from my old NEC CRT. I guess the only question left what is the most important for you: health or best for gaming?
  13. all crts pretty much produce same amount of radiation it's how long you use it that's what matters.

    i don't why you people defend CRTs old technology, nothing's good about it and I was waiting for LCDs to be more affordable for a long time so I could finally get rid of CRT.
  14. You guys seem to view crt's asd evil things that'll mess up ur eyes and make u go blind. That's really not the case. Assuming u run it at refresh rate greater than 85Hz, and have contrast, brightness, etc adjusted so they don't cause ur eyes to strain, eyestrain won't be much. LCD's can cause serious eyestrain if they contrast and brightness aren't right, and then something may happen. CRT monitors have a lot of shielding against radiation, and they emit as much or less as that found regularly when u go outside, so that isn't even a concern. I still have 20/10 vision, and have been using crt for 7 years (yes, I will be getting lcd soon as ffd comes out, but b/c I need a new monitor anyways and something larger won't fit).

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  15. what's ffd?
  16. <A HREF=",3428,a=15016,00.asp" target="_new">Explanation of FFD</A>

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  17. Quote:

    "According to a Mitsubishi representative, FFD will be incorporated in mass-production LCD panels starting in the first quarter of 2002. "

    ...and we already entering 3rd quarter and still no sign of this technology being mass produced... it may not be at least another year or two before they start making it available on the market... until then I'll enjoy my 19 inch LCD Viewsonic
  18. And where do u have proof of that? If you've seen any of my posts a little time ago, u'll notice that Envision is releasing an FFD LCD in September. U know what that means? Other companies will too. There was a purposeful setback, and that article isn't of the newest.

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  19. ok if you are talking about one of the following monitors coming out soon, I don't see anything impressive by looking at the specs, other then better response time (23m)
  20. No, I'm referring to the en-8500. Posted about it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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  21. I will completely agree with you. The quality monitor is most important, and TFT looks pleasant. I'm sure I will buy a TFT several years later.

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  22. I have been reading all Tom's Comparison of 17" LCDs etc., and the #1 question that keeps popping up in my head is the "dead pixel" issue on lcd's/TFT's? How come nobody mentions this at all? I mean we always get to know about the thin CRT Trinitron damping wires right? I would go crazy if my newly bought TFT had just 1 dead pixel, and it's very hard to even get a new TFT without one allready?
    Let me know what you guys think about this okay?
  23. Yeaaah...;-(
    The sat truth is that really it's hard to get a TFT with no dead pixel.
    Actually, you will hardly notice the several dead pixels on the creen.

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  24. I got my Samsung SyncMaster 151S 5 mounth ago. I looked for dead pixels for 2 days. Totaly white, blue, red, green screens.
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