BFG 8800 GTS OC2 320MB not working?


I just bought a new computer and it is not working.
Here's what I have:

Motherboard: ASUS P5B Premium Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
RAM: 2GB Kingston PC2-6400 ram
Memory: Seasonic M12 700W PSU
Video Card:BFG 8800GTS OC2 320MB PCIe
No HD/DVD Burner/whatever connected

The video card is well seated and the 6-pin PCIe connector is properly connected. The fan on the video card is starting, the BIOS doesn't do the "no VGA detected" beep sequence.. so I really don't know what is wrong?

Anyone know what I could've done wrong? I don't know anything about PSU, all those 12v rails with 18A each (the graphic card needs 28A) and things like that... All I did was plug the modular PCIe express cable on the PSU and the other end on the graphic card...

I tried another PCIe video card and it worked fine..

Thanks !
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  1. what was the other card you tried?
  2. I am not sure, it wasn't mine. It was a 7600 GS I think.
  3. If it's not a card that draws the same power as the card that's giving you same issue, it's hard to say if it's the power supply or not.
  4. Hmmm... is there a way to know if you look at the PSU specs? they are right there: the 700W one. :/
  5. Even At 500W, The power supply (by the specks) should easily handle the power your card needs, as long as you have just one, but the 700W version, can just barely handle two. What I was trying to say earlier is that the power supply may be bad and not giving power on that rail/rails. The card may also be bad, and that is why I asked what card you used. One that pulls the same card would be an easy way to test to make sure the power supply isn't the problem.
  6. Is your HDD hooked up? Are your bios settings correct on your motherboard? Have you tried different hookups and different PCIe connectors? Are you using Vista drivers for your card? Well, if these questions are all answered "yes", and a different video card works, I would say the card is bad.
  7. hello!

    I'm sorry but since I get a black screen, I cannot go into the bios, no HDD connected so vista drivers are out of the question. :'(
  8. You have to have a HDD connected for it to boot up. 8O
  9. to boot to an OS yeah, but I should be able to see the bios or a splash screen, like I did when I put my friend's card :/

    oh well.... I guess I'll exchange the card and see if it was really it...
  10. That is totally not true! You need a HDD to even get your bios running. Before you return it hook up a HDD and see what happens.
  11. I appreciate your help but how can you say it's not true? I said it worked with my friend's video card, I went through the POST until the "no bootable device found" warning. :)

    Just for you I tried, and nothing. :(
  12. Yeah I really think it's broken... the little black chip I marked with an arrow is getting so hot I can't touch it in a matter of seconds (3-4) after I boot the computer, when it hasn't been booted in hours :/

  13. Same problem here. New EVGA 8800 GTS. My 7900 GT works perfectly, 8800 has blank displays. Did you let the computer run for a bit? If I let mine run with the sound on, I can hear Windows start.
  14. Okay guys let try to figure it out

    I own a 8800 evga superclocked card no probs till date , upgraded from a x1800 gto

    i changed my power supply -HX corsair 620 watt 50 amps on 3 rails.

    there are just 3 connections in the card

    1. power from psu to card

    2. power from the pcie slot

    3. dvi connect to the monitor

    so which one is screwed up ?? :?

    Also remember if the card is not getting enough power then you will get a black screen

    How many amps on your power supply

    Also just because hardware is getting heated up does not mean it is broken

    Do not touch the card ---YOU WILL DAMAGE IT 8O 8O 8O
  15. Best I can tell, mine has bad memory. Using the digital connectors, I get no display, but the fan on the card runs and the computer boots to Windows. Using the analog connector with the converter gives me a screen of garbage. This happens using either of my LCD's and on a CRT I hooked up (no digital on the CRT of course). Best I can tell, it's the video outs and I'm returning the card today.
  16. Oh, the power supply is an Antec Trio 650W. 3 rails, 19A each. Used the PCI-E connector and also tried the Y-Cable with it plugged into two seperate cables to use two rails. No difference.
  17. OK, Lets brake this down. No display when you boot your computer, at all, not even the bios splash or the system check information with the 8800 connected. (so it's no windows causing the problem) You used a card that doesn't draw as much power, and you have display. (so it's not the mobo) So at this point we have narrowed the problem down to the power supply or the card. 8800's look like they need about 28A to draw on. The only way to figure out the problem is either to try a new 8800 card or a new power supply.
  18. The only other power supply I have here is the Antec SmartPower 2.0 400w

    I don't think it's gonna work :'(
  19. I used both an Antec 500W and a brand new 650W. Disconnected all drives and case fans. Should've been able to see the system POST until it got to the 'no system disk' error. Still no display. I returned it and am going to wait until BFG or PNY cards become more available and then pick up one of those. Been building my computers for 15 years and have never had a card do this.
  20. yea, in your case the card is probably bad, unless both power supplies aren't giving enough power. Although even then there is at least basic video from cards and the problem shows up when really using graphics, unless lack of Amps on the rail killed the card, in which case you would have had graphics and then the card would have gone out. Again, probably a bad card tough.
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