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I have been having issues with my recently purchased HIS 6950 (Really bad and constant micro stuttering.). After trying all the drivers I could find I decided to go ahead and RMA to replace it assuming it was a faulty card. Literally right after I sent the card out to return I realized I had forgot the 2 PSU adapters. I didn't need them, because my PSU already had those connectors so they were off to the side. Should I be worried about my RMA being denied or is it cool. They couldn't be more than a few dollars each, but it says on the RMA help page to include all accessories etc. I talked to a rep. and they said I could mail them separately, but I don't want to do that till I know it's a problem, because if it isn't a problem mailing them in could cause problems. Also, if it is definitely an issue I would like to mail them ASAP to insure I get my new card back in a timely manner. Also, what is the deal with the Dirt 3 coupon? I didn't include it, because I already redeemed it. Do I need to send that too?
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  1. im sure you will need to send in the PSU adapters before they replace the card. ALL accessories mean just that. they want back what they sent you. it's like taking a pair of shoes back without the shoe laces......
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