Tell Us About Your First Computer!

Ok... This is just for fun, and I want to know what everyones first system was.

Mine was a Packard Bell that we bought in 1994. It had a 50mhz processor and thats really about everything that I remember.

I do also want to say that it was the biggest peice of ****.

So lets hear it!
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  1. I had an Atari 800 w/48K of RAM. Most of the programs came on cartridges and I had a disk drive, alot of people had cassette players
  2. Mine was a Compac 486 Sx 25 Mhz which was later upgraded to a DX 50 Mhz. My dad has been using this computer till a few months ago when it finally died on him. It was bought just before Xmas 1993.
  3. a 120Mhz Packard Bell I got back in 2001. Yes, that was the first computer I've ever owned, and I still have it.
  4. My first computer was a mac, I don't remember the specs but to the best of my memory it was an all in one unit with a small monochrome screen, 16mb hard drive, 512k or 1mb ram. My first actual PC was a 486 DX 100mhz, 16mb ram, 250mb hard drive.
  5. Back in 1995. Pentium 100, 16 MB of Ram, 1.2 GB HDD, Integrated GPU, a Sound Blaster 16 and a 4x Cd-rom drive.
  6. I grew up around a bunch of different computers thanks to my dad - Atari 800 with all the goodies is the one I remember the most.

    "My" first system - I saved up money from a summer job between middle school and high school and built myself:

    AMD K6-2 233 MMX
    either 32 or 64MB of EDO (pretty sure it was EDO, not PC 100 yet)
    I think I had a 1GB or 2GB HD
    some kinda crappy 4MB video card

    It owned. At the young age of 14 I was able to start building my now massive porn collection.... glorious!
  7. I had a Commodore 64 in 1984-85, I wish I still had it, it was cool. I had a friend with a Vic 20, and another friend with a TRS80, and I used PET PC's at School.

    If I can count consoles, I had an Atari 2600.
  8. My very first computer was a Tandy from Radio Shack. My parents bought it for educational purposes, though I soon figured out I could play California Raisins and Oregon Trail. I have no idea what the specs were... I think it had four colors. This would have been perhaps 91 or 92?

    A few years later I convinced my parents to get a "real" computer, after playing Star Control II on my friend's 386 for weeks on end. We got a 75mhz Pentium 1 Packard Bell, 4 megs of RAM and a 15" monitor with a screen roughly halfway between a sphere and a flat surface. I remember when I first booted it up, I had expected it to load directly to Windows 3.1 or DOS, since that was what I was familiar with from my friend's comp. Instead it booted to some Packard Bell homegrown OS that had me utterly baffled.
  9. had great lan battles with my 486..... for doom...... loads of fun
  10. my first computer was back in 95' i think, pentium 150mhz, 32mb ram, sv trio 64v+, 3.5gb hard drive, creative sound blaster sound card, 120w psu made by some company called ISO? i think is a subsidiary of foxconn now... yeah, thats about it... i eventually put windows 98 o it when it came out, fixed a few things i had problems with.
  11. CPU Celeron 895mhz
    ram: 128
    mobo : some Fujitsu seimens
    Vga: built in
    20gb Hard Drive
  12. An Olivetti 286 that was my dads old office computer. I might have been 8 or 9 (1994/5?). Used to play Leisure Suit Larry and Wolfenstein on that beast. I infected so many floppies with the Ripper virus that was on it (and the Dr Solomon big book of virus' was great toilet reading material).
  13. Quote:
    Back in 1995. Pentium 100, 16 MB of Ram, 1.2 GB HDD, Integrated GPU, a Sound Blaster 16 and a 4x Cd-rom drive.

    Wow, that exactly the same pc as mine first pc 8O ... Only i had a ati rage gpu in it.
  14. I had an IBM XT with black-green monitor and 20 MB HD the HD made it better then most of the PC at that time (it was around 1989 - can't really remember)

    It had good fps at Montezuma and Digger :D
  15. My first computer, I was 14 when I got it for free. I was a windows 3.1 on 1999 and all I have to say is that I f.ucked it up because I did not speak no English cause I had just came from my country El Salvador and I ended up messing it up, it ended up at a salvation army cause I did not know anything about it.
  16. I used to have a Commodore Amiga 500, can't remember what the specs were but it was great for games (well 2D ones at least).
  17. 486sx 25mhz, 8mg on board with 8mg 72pin simm...upgraded it to the Pentium Overdrive, and packed in a 16mg chip for 24mg ram total. Played Privateer and Wing Commander like a champ though, assuming you could get atleast 590k. Conventional Memory baby lol.
  18. It was great to play my first pc game to the beginning to the end, and with such a great card, it looked like, Unreal. Unreal 1 actually.
  19. i first computer was in 1998. it was pentium II 300MHZ. with 64 MB Ram. 4.3 gb HD,Yamaha sound card and trident video card.with Windows 95 ORS2
  20. Early 80's Timex Sinclair 1000. My grand parents got it from going to an open house. I spent more time writing code for programs than I ever did actually using it.
  21. I had a Sinclair ZX81. It was perhaps more of toy. As I recall, they saved on the video circuitry and let the CPU spend 90% of it's time redrawing the screen. The machine that really got me started however was a Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80 at school. I spent much time after hours learning how to program on it.

    My first laptop was an Intel 486 "no name" model, made by FIC. It was a good machine except for the hinges. After two years or so it started blue screening occasionally and I found a piece of silver-lacquered plastic, broken off from the hinges, underneath the motherboard near the CPU socket. Once I removed it, the machine worked again.
  22. My first computer was a Digital Corp. computer. I don't remember the specs.
    When I found out I couldn't upgrade it or even use the case I started building my own. I relied heavily on tech support at first and didn't ask anyone for recommendations on builds (which I find very boring). I have a stack of motherboards and a baggy full of memory I don't use. I found out that ASUS motherboards are pretty reliable for a noobe. Half the fun is shopping for the motherboard.
    The latest motherboard was selected because it was supposed to use 4GB of RAM. However, after setting up the system and eventually installing the 4GB of RAM the system doesn't recognise 4GB. The manual says that due to chipset resource allocation, the system may detect less than 4GB of system memory. This was on the A8N-SLI Premium board with 2 SLI video cards installed (GeForce 6600 SLI).
  23. Commadore 128C
  24. 1993...
    486dx 33
    512k onboard cache
    8 meg memory
    Trident Video card with 512k memory
    Sound Blaster Pro Sound card
    4x Cdrom
    3 1/2 AND 5 1/4 floppy drives -Nothing but the best for me :lol:
    340 meg hard drive

    Played a lot of Doom, and Nascar Racing, Wolfenstein, Duke Nuke'em, Links 386 (loved that stupid golf game)
    Upgraded the processor to a DX100 overdrive the day they became available, and Matrox Video card with 4 meg of memory, whew! that was a killer machine for a while.
  25. My first was a texas instruments TI-99 don't know specs.
    And i still have it and i think it still works (PC pack rat)
  26. same here 1982 TI99/4A... Wombat was a cool game!!!!
  27. Quote:
    same here 1982 TI99/4A... Wombat was a cool game!!!!

    Parsec was mine!!!!!
    Showing are age
  28. Parsac was cool with the speech on.. I always had problems refueling,,hehehe , it was the LIFT!!!!!!!
  29. Man I think it was a old 386 with a 500 MB hdd. Maybe more like 50 MB lol. anyway it wasn't my own.
    My first comp was a P2 (?) 466 Mhz, 10 Go HDD, 128 (or was it 256 ... doubt it) RAM, 4 MB crappy trident video card. I used to play Red Alert 1 on it. One year later I got a 32 Meg G450 form Matrox (my father worked here I got here for 100$ when it was still brand new :P) Also added RAM ... I think ... lol. Oh yeah : ran on the good old 98SE. Hey SE wow that was cool back then ... just kidding :P
  30. Quote:
    Parsac was cool with the speech on.. I always had problems refueling,,hehehe , it was the LIFT!!!!!!!

    Did I miss that speech some where?
    And yes refuling was a B$^%&*H :D
  31. Bought in fall of 1993, Packard Bell 486-66 mini tower 4mb ram 340mb seagate hard drive. It had that cool tinted plastic door to access the drives. By 1998 it was upgraded to 36mb of ram and 2.5gb hard drive.
  32. my first was a pentium 2 400mhz processor with 128mb RAM
    it had a matrox G100, witch i later upgraded to a geforce2 (for playing jedi outcast, witch lagged like hell :) )
    one day the PSU gave up, everything fried, and I mean EVERYTHING :cry:
    stupid pre-built pc's... I was only 10 years then :oops:
    since that day i never bought a pre-built pc again
  33. EDIT: My first computer was a 386 laptop which I had when I was about 7, and whose screen I proceeded to break. I was stupid back then; I wish I still had it now :oops:

    Dell Dimension 4400:
    Dell proprietary mobo
    P4 1.6GHz (Willamette, I think)
    256MB DDR
    40GB HDD
    GF2 (MX440, I think)
    CD writer
    Windows XP (new at the time)
    15' LCD

    This was my 10th birthday present, way back in 2002. I still have it; however I took the hard drive and GPU out and put them into an even older P3 Dell, which is now my vintage gaming rig.

    I remember that my family had an IBM with a 486 up until 1998, when it was replaced by a Dell. But the forementioned Dell was the first computer which was truly mine.
  34. 2001
    Athlon 1200
    40 GB HDD
    256MB RAM
    GeForce 2

    OK, it was not a computer by a boutique builder so it was a bit loud, but I could play Black & White pretty comfortably.
  35. My first ever PC was a dimension 4550 (still have it) from early 2003.
    My mom had some money stashed away for me and was closing the account, so she bought me a computer.

    -P4@2.4ghz, 533mhz fsb northwood
    -256mb ram
    -mx 420 64mb vid card
    -SB: Live! 5.1 sound card
    -60gb wd hard drive @7200 rpm, 8meg cache
    I LOVED it, of course since it was mine.
    Now, it sits in the office/bedroom with another 1gb stick (kingston value ram), an x800gto unlocked to 16 pipes, a new WD 250 gb, and a 420 watt thermaltake psu. The case had to be cut to fit the new psu in it, that was a fun experience with a dremel! :lol:

    Unfortunately, it uses an ancient gateway 2000 crt monitor from sometime before 1998...:( And I don't want to plunk money into a new monitor for it, now that I have my custom rig..

    It's still chugging along...
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