Should voice recognition be the next focus area...

We have seen many of the top software and hardware vendors dabble with voice recognition technology, but no one has really been able to get it work....

IMHO, voice recognition is going to bring a paradigm shift in the way we use CE/PC devices nowadays. Imagine giving voice instructions to your PC, speaking an SMS into your cell phone, controlling your car with voice signals.....The opportunities are endless....

Yet, no enterprise is focusing much on it...

Any thoughts on

1. How important is voice recognition to a better end user experience?
1. What unique usage models do you see being enabled with it

Do share your
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  1. I don't think voice recognition technology will be really viable for decades. While it can be useful for those with limited or no use of their upper extremities, it's just too complicated. You have to train the software because of accents, unique pronunciations, etc. What happens when two or more people are talking, how does the device distinguish the commands it should obey? If you train it to only respond to a particular voice, only one person could use it. They've been working on this for decades and there are really no significant mass appeal products out there.
  2. Remember when OS/2 had the first PC built-in voice recognition capabilities that were going to revolutionize the OS industry? It was nearly 90% accurate, no one used it and even today voice recog. apps have very low sales volume. The only possible way to boost those sales would be to use the integration of tablet PCs with voice recognition - and if you've seen how few tablet PCs are in the market, you'd have to believe there is very little support for that type of product.
  3. I use the voice recognition features on my phone and the ones that worked well were very good how ever I have not seen a desktop one that works right.
  4. For me, I found several that were 99% accurate. However, it really annoyed me that it only worked in certain applications even if you could use your voice to drive the rest of the OS. Not enough app publishers support the voice drivers to make it worthwhile.
  5. that is true, for example opera supports it but I'm not gonna use it only for opera, once everything starts to use it or atleast will give the option to use if you want then I think we will start moving that way, but as you said one has it and one does not kinda makes it pointless
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