Roxio v.9.0 incompatible with Vista

Roxio has been marketing a piece of software, specifically Easy Media Creator v.9.0, as Vista Compatible for the last six months while knowing that it isn't. This software has been distributed in several venues including from Roxios site, from OEM's such as HP/paq, Dell, Gateway and othes who assemble computers by the thousands daily as well as through retail chain outlets such as WalMart, Sam's Club, CompUSA, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics,.....etc.

By now Roxio has made millions of dollars marketing and selling a software that is not compatible with Vista even though the numerous problems have been brought to their attention.

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  1. you can choose Nero burner software. It is compatible with Vista.
  2. is 'Nero burner software' a single application or is it a part of a suite you have to buy?

    and, I'm starting to mix you up with doctorx...

  3. picard _ I'm very familiar with Nero and have the latest version. I liked v.5 and v.6 however v.7 hasn't exactly appealed to me for several reasons. First, I get several errors during installation. Second, the VCD's it burns won't play in my DVD players which the ones made with Roxio (in the past) will. Third, the disc copying utility is far from good. Fourth, the video editing tool is poor at best.

    dblD - Nero is a suite of tools much like Roxio however unlike Roxio, Nero provides a great deal more information and configuration of the CD/DVD burning hardware, software and process.
  4. I have version 7.85 which runs fine on my Vista ultimate. There is no errors at all.

    one can get cheaper software cyberlink. you can burn DVD, CD but it doesn't have all the features of Nero.
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