Question on RAM energy usage.

Question/edit: If I have two sticks of DDR2 800mhz RAM and DDR2 533mhz RAM with both in dual channel, and both running at 266mhz (553mhz data rate), will the DDR2 800mhz RAM consume the same or less amount of electricity as the DDR2 533mhz RAM, assuming the same amount of RAM being used in both channels?

Original: If I run DDR2 800mhz rated RAM at 533mhz, still using 1.8 volts, will it decrease the required amount of electricity needed to run the RAM as compared to DDR2 533mhz rated RAM at stock speed and voltage, or will the same amount of electricity be used?
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  1. It will still use 1.8 volts, if that's what you're asking. As far as ram speeds is concerned, the power consumption difference would be very small.
  2. Normally, the slower the RAM (or CPU, or whatever) is run, the less electricity it will use.
  3. You mean decreasing the voltage will decrease the watts consumption? It does but then again memory don't use that much power. It uses about just a fraction of what a cpu runs on.
  4. Thank you for your answers. Think I got it straightened out mentally now.
  5. it will use 1.8 volts but not the same amount of AMPS
  6. I know that, but as I stated, the difference is negligible.
  7. your right my friend. tell you the truth i didn't get his point anyway. power consumed by memory is nothing as compared GPU. he shouldn't be worried about power consumption of memory
  8. It could if I'm overclocking the CPU and GPU and am on a constrained electricrity limit due to the power supply unit, could mean quite a bit. 5 watts isn't much, but it's something. And it's knowledge.
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