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Hi I have recently purchased an 22" LCD Panel 2ms / 2000:1 and I run a radeon x1600 AGP 512mb. I play games like Counter-Strike source and Rainbow Six Vegas. I was wondering what a good video card would be to get better FPS @ 1680 x 1050 because if I go any other resolution my game looks like rubbish. I went from getting like 70-100 in CSS to 20-30.. sometimes lower haha. It is very annoying... Would a Radeon x1900 handle it or a Geforce 7900 or would I have to get the Geforce 8800 series? Thanks for any suggestions. I was looking through comments and only finding people asking about like 22" vs 24".

Oh I know DVI is better than VGA obviously but is it that big of a difference? I don't want to spend extra money if its just a small difference..
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  1. An X1900 or a 7900 series card will handle your native resolution just fine. If you get an 8800 you will be even more future proof and you could play more easily upcoming games and with higher quality AA and AF. DVI is better and you won't pay more for it. All new graphics cards include at least one DVI output. Unless of course your monitor doesn't have a DVI input...
  2. Wow thanks! I was wondering if I would have to get like SLI or Crossfire set up to make it work. Because wow my x1600 most newer games don't run very well. Thanks for the tips I will def buy a DVI Cable then. Thanks again.
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