Another C2D Question!?

Hi, everybody. Sorry for asking the same old question. :oops: I have little knowledge about it but I’ve searched and read topics on it. But still I’m confused and didn’t get satisfying answers. :( So I’m asking U guys :) , please help me. I need a good but cheap/low-priced motherboard. I’m buying a new PC & my rig:

E6420 or E6600
2x1GB DDR2 533MHz sticks
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB; 580MHz, 1700MHz
Vista Ultimate.

I don’t need SLI.
I have no intention to OC.
I just need a motherboard which will support my rig and run stable at stock.

Preferred Brands: (because other brands are roughly available in my country)

Thanks for reading. :D Please suggest me a Mobo and please explain why/reason. I decided to go with the GA-965P-S3/DS3. I’ve read that it is very good but I’ve also read that it has some problems. That’s why I got really confused. :? Please help me. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks in advance. :D
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  1. The Gigabyte is just fine.
    If you want an Intel, any Intel board whose part # starts BOXDP965..... will suit your needs well. If you are buying from a store, the Intel brand is a good choice. Stable boards with very good manuals and customer support.
  2. 8800gts 680 MB???
  3. I'd say the DS3 gets recommended in part for it's overclocking ability. If you are positive you don't want to do that, there must be a lot of other choices, not that the S3/DS3 is a bad one. On the other hand, speaking as someone who just got an E6600 and DS4, I found overclocking the C2D so rdiculously easy it seems almost foolish not do it. My E6600 goes up to 3.2GHz at little over stock voltages and temperatures. I can't see any downside. I guess I may be proven wrong in the long run, but at the moment I'm kicking myself for having paid Intel as much as I did. If it was me, I would try an E4300 at 3GHz on a DS3.
  4. Quote:
    8800gts 680 MB???

    Sorry. :oops: Now I’ve corrected it. :)
  5. Quote:
    We really need to know the rest of your system specs to be able to recommend a board. Do you need raid? How many sata devices do you have? How many Ide devices do you have?

    No I don’t need raid & will have single ide device. Thanks. :D
  6. Thanks guys. :D The info is very helpful. I’m grateful. :D
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