Which Antivirus? McAfee? Kapersky?


A friend recommended me an antivirus, I dont know what to tell him since I use NOD32 and what he wants is to buy the antivirus retail in the store. I thought of McAfee and Kapersky but I dont know how good are them or which one is better or if you guys have any other recommendation.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Kaspersky out of the two, just remember the strongest protection is the user
  2. I had Kaspersky on my Step mom's pc it was horrible and everytime it found a virus it would scream like a a dying pig, stay with NOD32 i have been with Nod32 for the last year and a half, never been so happy
  3. I use to be a regular user of Mcafee up to version 7.0, but then they changed the interface and ruined it. When I bought my laptop it came with a 1 year license of Mcafee Internet security 2006, but I uninstalled it because it was awful. I found it to be too computer resource hungry just like its main rival Norton. The problem with Mcafee is if one only uses one of their products like the Anti-virus for example one still has to have the sercurity centre installed. The sercurity centre likes to spring up advertising pop-ups trying to get someone to buy their other products. It never scores that well in tests because it's detection is nothing to shout about.
    I have only started using Kaspersky Anti-virus and I like it. First off it feels light on my system resource and the interface is simple to use. Updates are regular too. Tests show Kaspersky to usually lead in detection along with Nod32.

    Mcafee or Kasperky = Kaspersky wins by a mile :)
  4. I use Antivir, AVG and Clam AV (comes with Spyware Terminator) which is for me is awesome and able to use on both low-end and high-end machine. :D
  5. congrats you have 2 anti virus and obviously have no idea what you are doing ;)

    you are using the worst stuff (clam and spyware terminator) but since you don't 'know any better you think they are all the same so you are happy with the shitty stuff ;)

    and the best part is that you are advising people to use this crappy stuff :)
  6. Thanks dude.. I appreciate it :)
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