Booting - Disk I/O Error

I currently have:
Windows Home XP SP2

I burned Windows 98 SE to CD using Nero 6 and when I try to boot up with it, it errors Disk I/O Error.

I'm trying to install it on my second drive D:\.

It autoplays fine in XP here but when I boot it errors what I stated above.

Also note that when it autoplays and I click "Browse this CD" it says "Please insert your Windows 98 CD-ROM".

I can't figure out the problem.

(please note that I have no floppy disks, so that part isnt an option -- unless its an absolute must)

Any suggestions?

Are there any websites these days which provide "tutorials" on properly burning Windows 98? (burning, not copying)
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  1. First, not all Windows 98SE CDs were bootable. Second, trying to install 98SE after Windows XP is already installed is nearly impossible. Windows 98 needs to be installed on the primary partition of the primary drive.

  2. What was source file for Win98? Was it an ISO file?

  3. Try getting a boot cd from this site for windows or upgrade to vista
  4. Easier still, get yourself a copy of VMWare and just install it as a virtual machine within XP. Much quicker, easier and will give you the same amount of functionality.
  5. In reply to Grumpy9117
    First, not all Windows 98SE CDs were bootable
    That comes as something of a surprise considering the number of times that I have installed Windows 98 from the bootable CD that it comes on!
  6. I would edit or delete my previous post, but this crappy Forum software doesn't let me. Sorry Grumpy - I missed the "all" in your post. Apologies.
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