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Need help choosing MOBO for next build...

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May 5, 2007 1:50:02 PM

Hi all,

First of all, I need advice on the best mainboard for the system that I am planning on building at the end of June or so (whenever the ATI cards come out to drop the price of the 8800 card that I want). I may also need to consider which processor to purchase.

Originally I was thinking of the intel E6600 but now others have been released with 4MB of L2 cache that are a little less and they may be better for my computer. The only other choice for a processor would be the E6420. I plan on overclocking whichever chip I get to about 3.0 GHz and possibly more in the future if I feel comfortable doing so. What are the top end limits of each processor without going liquid cooled (just curious)?

With this in mind, I would like a board that has good o'cing support/features. I only plan on running one video card so I do not need 2 PCI-e x16 slots. Right now I am leaning towards an 8800GTS 320MB but I may go for the 640MB version if prices come down a bit (not sure it would really be worth the extra money though). This setup will also be meant for gaming mainly, but likely I will only play games that are out right now. I will also probably have 2 HDD's and 2 optical drives (if that matters at all).

Could someone also recommend a PSU that would be good for this system? Something in the range of 550W maybe if that is sufficient? One of my goals is to keep this setup as inexpensive as possible without using cheap parts. I am partial to name brands so I look around for the best deals on them. Also, depending on which CPU I go with I may need a different type of memory? I planned on DDR2-800 MHz (C4) for the E6600 but is that the "ideal" choice for what I plan on doing? Which memory would the right choice for the E6420?

Thank you all in advance, I am sure that you will be able to help me make the right choice.

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May 5, 2007 2:30:25 PM


Another moron that spends 15 minutes writing a post asking about something that has been discussed 8,996,848 times already.
USe the search function. Read on of the thousands of articles on this same question. Read one of the Toms hardware guide c2d mobo roundups. Read Wusy's c2d overclocking guide,
Geeeez, get a brain people. This question is asked here at least 20 times a day! :roll:

The cheapest C2D will hit 3ghz on stock cooking. So its personal choice what you want.

WOW! Ever think that maybe I DID search and wasn't able to find EXACTLY what I was looking for??? Probably are just one of those "unhappy people" that have a lot of issues so you get on the internet because it makes you feel good when you slam others for asking a "stupid question" with an "obvious answer". Sorry, I didn't realize that we are all experts here and should know everything about everything. Obviously YOU do but you are too much of an ass to help out someone that is not worthy of your time. Maybe MrsWh0re would have been a better name for you. Just my 2 cents.
May 5, 2007 6:07:25 PM

Since you're not going SLI, I would recommend getting a board that has the Intel P965 chipset. This includes models like the ASUS P5B Deluxe and the Gigabyte DS3. The better thing to do with motherboards is make sure it has the features you do want instead of the features you don't want.

Also, I see you plan on running two hard drives and two optical drives. Do you already own these drives or are you planning on buying new ones? The motherboards are moving away from PATA and going to SATA. The ASUS P5B Deluxe, for example, only has one PATA connection that supports two devices.

DDR2-800 is a good choice, especially if you're overclocking. If you get the FSB up to 400MHz, you'll have a 1:1 ratio with the RAM. (On an E6420, FSB of 400MHz = 3.2 GHz CPU clock speed.)
May 6, 2007 1:52:49 AM

Those two are good choices on the MB
E6420 is good bang for buck choice.
Base your Vid card on the monitor you plan on using now. If 320mb will power it, upgrades are always coming.
For good PSU at low prices, look at FSP, many around $50, a 550W more like $80