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I have a problem with my PC, where the sound is 'stuttering', and causing the PC to lock-up for a few seconds. This is happening more and more regularly and I'd like to know how to sort it out.

My sound is onboard, sysinfo says Realtek AC'97. I haven't updated the drivers since I've had this machine (2 years) so that could be a problem, but I have no idea how I'd go about doing that. Any advice, or any other thoughts on what may be causing this?

Incidentally, it locks up mostly in games, but does sometimes also happen in Windows.
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  1. That is too vague. AC97 describes just about every onboard sound card out there. It's like saying you are having trouble with your color monitor. We need the model of motherboard you have. After you find that, go to the manufacturers website and look for it in the drivers or download section. There will be updated drivers for many of your onboard components.
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