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Upgrade from OEM Xp to Vista Home premium

If i buy an upgrade pack of vista home premium, can i use it on my oem version of xp home edition? If so, would the new vista copy be a retail version (as in unlimited hardeware changes).

Thanks for reading, im a bit short of cash right now and this would be an ideal soloution and leave me open to upgrades latter when i have some more cash. Thanks
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  1. Hi combat_deity,

    As strict as MS can be, I would suggest that the best thing for you to do is to contact MS (via voice or email) and ask them diretly. Anything you get from here is much like to getting legal advice from my father's brother's sister's sister-inlaw. It may only be a family problem but I still don't trust her as far as I can throw her (she weighs way over 300 lbs). just my 2 cents...

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    A Vista upgrade will work with XP OEM, however depending on the OEM version (whether a "unique version" from someone like Dell or a straight license version) may cause issues with you losing personal data - one of the Vista known bugs with XP OEM. So as long as you have a backup of your data you should have no problems.

    Note: So far I haven't read posts from anyone who hit a limit issue for Vista hardware changes. Those that have seen the "contact Microsoft" notice after hardware changes have had no major issues with calling their toll free number and getting Vista reactivated.
  3. I have System builders OEM edition, so basically if i use a vista upgrade pack on it, it will have the same features as retail Vista, as in not being tied to the motherboard? I may give MS a ring later as you adviced.

    p.s. not bothered about loosing data, can back it all up easily.
  4. My understanding is that you will be absolutely fine, as the Vista version is effectively retail. The only time you'll need your XP OEM disc again is to validate during a re-install of Vista.
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