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1. My Win XP Professional (SP2) installation shows my Linux Ext2FS
partition (logical drive) after installation of Roxio Easy CD Creator
6.0. I had a stable system without any problems prior to this install.
2. Computer Management->Disk Management does not list drive letters for
any of my partitions except the CD/DVD Drive. Neither does it list the
drive when individually selected.
3. The above problems occur only in my WinXP installation. My Win2000
Prof installation does not have this problem. Problem occured post
instal of Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.0 in my XP installation.

1. Stable Triple boot WinXP_Prof(SP2)/Win2000_Prof(Sp4)/Fedora Core 3.0
Linux installed on my 80GB IDE (Seagate) HDD. The system config is: AMD
Athlon XP 2600+ on ASUS A7V400-MX Motherboard using VIA KM400A Chipset.
512 MB RAM, LG 16x DvD ROM/CD Writer.
2. No Viruses/Spyware, system running automatic updates with Win XP SP2
installed with latest patches, ant virus updates and up to date
Zonealam Firewall.

1. Removing HKLM\System\MountedDevices (All entries except default)
3. Removing Logical drive.

The following is the partitioning scheme in disk order:
1. Primary Partition C: NTFS (WindowsXP) - 9.75 GB (System)
2. Primary Partition F: NTFS (Windows2000) - 9.00 GB
3. Primary Partition G: NTFS (Music) - 25.00 GB
4. Extended Partition
5. Logical Drive D: NTFS (Dumps) - 14.75 GB
6. Logical Drive ext2fs (Linux) - 5.25 GB
7. Logical Drive E: FAT32 (Setup) - 10.75 GB.

(Please note that I installed Linux by shrinking my logical drive
(partition no.5 in my table) from 20 GB to 15 GB. I used qpartd from a
Linux Live CD. I've installed Fedora Core 3 on the new partition, which
has been running fine for the past 2 months)

The following is the dump from Partition Info (Powerquest Software):
Partition Information for Disk 1: 76,316.6 Megabytes
Volume PartType Status Size MB PartSect # StartSect
C: NTFS Pri,Boot 10,001.4 0 0 63
F: NTFS Pri 9,217.0 0 1 20,482,875
G: NTFS Pri 25,603.6 0 2 39,359,250
ExtendedX Pri 31,494.6 0 3 91,795,410
EPBR Log 15,100.2 None -- 91,795,410
D: NTFS Log 15,100.1 91,795,410 0 91,795,473
EPBR Log 5,381.1 133,741,125 1 122,720,535
I: Linux Ext3 Log 5,381.1 122,720,535 0 122,720,598
EPBR Log 11,013.3 91,795,410 1 133,741,125
E:NO NAME FAT32 Log 11,013.3 133,741,125 0 133,741,188

My XP installation is Win XP Professional with SP2 and up to date
patches. I recently installed Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.0 on my XP
installation. To my dismay, Post install I found my partitions driver
letters changed. More importantly, I suddenly found my Linux (ext2fs)
partition displayed as drive I: i.e.: 6th partition in the above tale.
On right clicking the drive (I) and checking properties, it displayed
the following:

Type: Local Disk
File System: RAW
Used Space: 0 bytes
Free Space: 0 bytes

To make matters worse, Easy CD Creator setup - post install operation
entered into an infinite install loop stating changes need to be
merged. Hence I cancelled the dialog and uninstalled Easy CD Creator.

However the drive assignment changes persist and more importantly, my
explorer windows continue to show drive I: (which on checking turns out
to be my Linux ext2fs partition). Moreover on running Disk Management,
I see that drive letters are not listed for any of my partitions except
my CD/DVD Drive. Neither does it display any drive letter when I try to
change the drive letters. The "Add" button is enabled but "Change" and
"Remove" buttons are disabled.

I have tried removing deleting all entries except default entry in
HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices key but was unsuccessful. I have tried FDISK
/mbr from dos prompt which fails as well. On booting with my Windows
2000 professional installation however, I do not have any of the above

Now am at a loss trying to fix this problem. I do not want to reinstall
XP as it is running with all the latest patches with latest antivir and
firewall updates. I can confirm that there are no viruses/spyware
installed as I use only Firefox and Thunderbird and have automatic
updates turned on for Windows, the firewall as well as my Antivirus. I
have searched all over the Internet for solution was not able to find

Your inputs/help would be appreciated.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    SK wrote:
    > PROBLEM:


    You've only posted to ONE newsgroup, microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics -
    all the others you put into the SUBJECT line, which does NOT contain a
    precis of the problem like it should.

    Perhaps you should use a Newsreader instead of Google Groups.
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