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I need help transferring simple files like music and documents over to vista using only a ethernet cable. The computers are linked directly with the cable and each of the workgroups are labeled as "MSHOME" but neither computer will recognize, or see, the other computer. Am I forgetting to do something because this should be fairly simple. Don't suggest the Vista Easy Transfer thing because I do not have the CD to install in on my XP computer nor the cable (which should just be another ethernet cable right?). Anyways, this is driving me crazy so please help!
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  1. Make sure you have your IP addresses set and that your subnet masks match.

    (Use for one comp and for the other).

    Or... go out and get yourself a router... they're cheap enough and if you plan on using both computers, then you're all set.
  2. I just want to rephrase a little (or even reinforce what Zoron said), the only thing that you can normally be doing directly between any two computers is p2p, in which case you need to make sure that your ip address(es) is correctly specified and unique; p2p generally only works with two systems. Otherwise some device needs to be acting as a 'router' (perhaps one of your central PCs has special things going on BUT those other 'things' really start to get much more complicated). Eithernet, _by itself_ is like a serial connnection and is a pont-to-point protocol.

    Generally most of us use a simple linksys-type device that also gives wide area networking support (WAN and NAT to the 'net) and those devices are also DHCP servers (lots of acronyms... but generally DHCP is a very easy and standard protocol... Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

    Can you tell us more about your exact setup? There are a lot of very qualified gentlemen here that know a lot about these things and I am sure they will be glad to help.

  3. Well, I have my XP comp, my Vista comp, and my DSL all running into a wireless G router. The XP comp recognizes that the Vista comp is connected to the network, but the Vista comp does not recognize the XP comp on the network. Both comps recognize the DSL with no problems.
  4. Well that certainly clears things up for me. thanks :)

    It is only a firewall problem. If it were me, I would start out by completely turning the built-in Vista firewall off (but I surely wouldn't consider leaving it that way). Once you have proved that things are working properly again, you should then be able learn the best way on how to configure the firewall so that it only allows your XP system to get through (Vista's 'help firewall' is great!).

    I can not help you with exact Vista firewall configuration issues (I would like to). I currently use the Norton firewall and do not have any of those problems; I told Norton to only allow devices on my sub-net and I have wpa2 and mac-addr only (gotta be really qualified to get in me :) ).

    If you continue to have issue, speak up again. I am VERY sure there are many people that frequent this site which can help you right away.

  5. Even with the Vista and XP firewalls turned off, the Vista comp cannot recognize the XP comp. Anything else??
  6. You have file sharing enabled and you shares configured, right?
  7. I installed that file, didn't work. I have allowed sharing to Everyone with Full Control and that did not work. I am still not able to view my XP computer from my Vista computer.
  8. Remember that it must be done on both computers... not just one or the other. Also, do both machines have access to the internet? Can you run the router web configuration on both computers? If not, then your problem is in your network settings somewhere along the line. If both computers can get on the internet and into the router, then you have a sharing / permissions issue.
  9. dont use mshome, use the vista default of workgroup. I spent several days trying to get my vista to see xp on mshome 3 computers all mshome. Never worked I had a beta vista and it was a glitch in the system microsoft said rename everything workgroup. I did this and all was happy. Microsoft said the problem would be fixed before releas but apparently not.
  10. Quote:
    (which should just be another ethernet cable right?)

    nope, unless you have very current ports. Probably your cheapest way out is to just buy a really cheap router since you already have A cable (I think I have seen cheap routers in a sub $30 range, and no additional software required).

    I think that should just about cover any answer to your question, that you might ever consider... good luck!

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