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Anyone succesfully running a distro of linux using a gigabyte 965p s3? I tried ubuntu but apparentyl the ethernet controller is not supported and I get disconnected after a few minutes of being online with my WIRED connection. There is a post under my same username in the ubuntu forums if anyone knows how to solve this. I am looking to run a version of linux that supports mythtv and is install friendly (newbie to linux). Any suggestions from those with this board?
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  1. I believe your board has a Marvell 8056 ethernet interface.

    It may be using the Sky2 driver which is very problematic.

    Try the sk98lin driver or get a RealTek RTL-8169 NIC.

    GL :-D
  2. extremely new to linux and have been working with ubuntu. How would I go about trying out this driver? I assume it is not as simple as windows.
  3. Well it depends, what version of Ubuntu did you try?

    On ubuntu the sk98 driver may be available using apt-get / aptitude / or as a .dpkg or .deb or something

    On RedHat / Fedora / CentOS and other RPM based distros you can probably find an sk98 RPM.

    GL :-D
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