Well, I just got done building a new Comp Rig. And I am having the weirdest problem. Every 30 - 50 seconds i will get a lag/fps spike for about a second or two. This spike drops my FPS down to about 2-3 fps. It is so annoying. I have tried two different video drivers so far, same problem. I have flashed my Bios to the newest version, same problem. Even if i am Overclocking or not, same problem. My computer is very well equipped to handle games and applications, and can generally keep my FPS WELL ABOVE 30-40 fps. But for some reason i am having this problem. It is very noticeable in games, but it will happen sometimes in loading screens, and even on my Desktop. These are my specs, any suggestions will be appreciated.

E6600 Conroe

2 GB Mushkin DDR2 eXtreme Performance RAM (DDR800)

P5N32-E SLI 680i Mobo

ATI X1950XTX Vid Card ( currently w/ newest drivers)

1 Raptor X 150 Gig HD

Creative X-fi Fatality Pro Sound Card

Antec 2.0 TruePower 500 watt PS
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  1. Sorry for the shouting, im frustrated....

    My GPU temp is at 53c idle, Cpu at 31-33 C idle

    Have not tried safe mode yet, and i will defrag shortly

    I have run memtest with no i really need to run with one stick of ram then ?

    thank you
  2. I am not sure.... and im not sure how to tell..... also.... since i have built this rig ( like 2 days ago) i have noticed that it runs very sluggishly...espescially on desktop. Almost freezing....but not completely freezing ( so that i dont have to restart or shutdown) This setup seems slower than my DDR400 Amd 4800 setup, which just cant be right. something is wrongggg
  3. Defragging as we speak....lowering my clocks, then will run a game with task manager open. to see my cpu/ram loads.
  4. it could be a faulty PSU i had that exact same problem with that and i found out it was the PSU over heating
  5. can you do me a favour?

    pull out your sound card, and use the on-board sound. See if that does anything.
  6. Thank you for all the suggestions guys, Keep them coming! i will try them all until this problem gets fixed!
  7. this was a major problem for a lot of people who got half-life2, there where many solutions offered in the forums by other users. The main problems were, if i remember correctly;-

    1) people did not fully uninstall previous graphics card drivers, and instead just downloaded and installed new drivers over the top of old ones.

    2) the same with sound card drivers. Also make sure onboard sound is disabled.

    3) memory textures. Even kick ass high end ninja card have problems with some high textures, ie- the card pauses for a second to load in a new previously unviewed texture. If you can play the game with medium or low graphics settings ok,then thats what it is, (or a problem with your graphics card)

    4) make sure your motherboard is upto date from the manufacturers web site.

    5) what game is it?

    6) see if your virtual memory is high enough.

    7) tell me what else is running in the background, even small programs like torrent stuff and virus checkers can have a knock on effect.

    8) check the steam/half-life 2 forums, and see if there are other suggestions there. as many problems can be fixed with the advice there.

    9) keep us here upto date with what you've tried so we can keep helping. and tell us if you fix it, what it was.
  8. my mobo is up to date, just flashed my bios like an hour ago, the game(s) are MTW 2, Counter Strike, and also the VId stress test in Company Of Heroes. ( these are the only games installed on my comp, so i am sure i would have this problem with any game i install)

    There is virtually nothing running in the background, no antivirus nothing. only thing up is ATI CCC and audio control panel.
  9. yes, minimal activity, maybe 2- 5 %
  10. I am going to try alot of things now, Defrag is almost done..... then i will pull my sound card/ disable onboard audio/ reinstall vid drivers. When i am finished with these tests or have found a soultion i will post again, any more suggestions will be appreciated
  11. You may want to try downloading a program like PCWizard or SiSoftware Sandra 07 to do a quick test of your CPU, Memory, and HD bandwidths just to make sure nothing is operating abnormally. This is a fresh install of Windows, correct? Is your Memory usage in task manager 200MB or lower? A defrag probably won't help if you just installed Windows. You may have to just reformat and start over is you can't isolate any hardware failures.

    Kinda ironic, but the computer I am typing on right now (which is not the comp in my sig) is doing the exact thing you are describing, freezing up periodically while doing nothing. However, in my case, I know why. It has tons of virus software (and probably viruses) running in the background and is an old P4.
  12. Try disabling NCQ on your Raptor hard drive. NCQ is made for servers, because it can handle multiple requests from mulitple users at a time. But, in a single-user environment, they can actually reduce performance.

    To disable NCQ, go to your device manager, find your SATA controller, right click, go to Properties, and disable Command Queuing.

    You could also try modded video drivers. Download Omega's Radeon drivers from, remove your current ones through the uninstall wizard, DriverCleaner them, and install the modded drivers. I love them, can't wait for Omega to release the ones based on Cat 7.4, they'll be out soon.

    Oh, and you are using Windows XP, right? If you're using Vista....this may be how it goes.
  13. Thank you once again for all the far this is what i have tried....all has been unsuccessful so far

    1 defragmented drive ( did it even though this is a fresh xp install)

    2 Removed X-fi audio card

    games still drop to 2-3 fps every 30 seconds or so

    i will try more things and keep you all posted
  14. Also I am having trouble disabling the NCQ....can i do it in Bios ? Device manager is not showing me that option...thanks
  15. well, i have now tried omega no avail. I dont know what else to do, i dont think this could be a power supply issue, but one poster said that it could be..... My sound card has been removed, i have defragged, i have run pcwizard, memtest....i dont know what else to try. I still get random freeze ups in games every 30 seconds. I'm getting tired of this.
  16. Well, I am pretty much out of ideas, does intel have a special set of drivers/dual core enhancers you need to download? Do you need the windows dual core hotfix? My AMD needed these, but I'm afraid I don't know much about the new intel processors.
  17. I say its the power supply.
  18. It's not under your hard drive, it's under your disk controller. Look under SCSI and RAID controllers, then look for something says something like Serial ATA Controller. I have an nForce chipset, so mine will be different than yours, but it should be under the same thing.

    This may not fix the problem, but at this point I'd be open to suggestion :)
  19. I had a similar problem with my pc once. It turned out to be some horrible drivers for a bluetooth dongle and I have heard of drivers for other various hardware occasionally doing this. so I would remove any unneeded hardware and remove the drivers for it as well, then see if the problem went away. oh I found out it was a software problem by looking at the real cpu load with rmclock(there are probably other programs that show it as well) which was much higher than the OS load in task manager. Things like drivers can use cpu time w/o it getting reported in the task manager.
  20. If you feel like you have exhausted all of your options, just take the whole damn thing apart, re-do it and do a fresh install of windows.
  21. do you by any chance have access to another power supply??? It wont hurt to test it out on another one.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions guys, i will keep trying frivilously. BTW I dont have any unecescary hardware plugged in....just the basics. All the drivers I am currently using...I have used before w/ no problems. I will see if I can get a PS to test with, but that is a long shot, I might just have to buy a new one and hope that fixes things. I remeber AMD had a dual core driver, but I dont think INTEL uses these. ( this is my first ever INTEL setup) I don't mind doing a fresh install, it's just that.... I dont think that can/will fix my problem seeing as how I would jsut be installing the same drivers after Install. My friend has alsmost the exact same setup as me and isnt having problems...running it on VISTA. I have my copy of Vista but i dont have a valid code for it ( long story ) It is a legit copy, maybe Vista would work, i dunno. Keep giving me ideas. THANK YOU
  23. Welp, im gonna Download and install Nvidia's 680i chipset drivers and see if that fixes it. ( using Asus drivers ) We'll see what happens
  24. Yeah, hopefully that will fix it. If not, try checking the voltages in the BIOS or using a program, see if any vary a lot or look low, which could mean a bad PS.
  25. i dont think this wil work, as you say it happens on your desktop. but if ure using a wireless network adapter- i used to get 1 second lag spike every minute, this is due to the wireless zero config service which wil cause this. if so try disabling this service after youve loaded windows. it should only effect online games though
  26. What I want to know is how long did you run memtest for?

    You need to run it for a minimum of 1 hour better 2 best all night.

    Also check your optical/hd jumpers. Them darn things can screw up anything.

    Do what I say, its from experience....
  27. I'm thinking it's a power supply issue as well. :?
  28. Do you have any version of norton internet security/antivirus on as I had a similar situation which was because norton was connecting to the internet, downloading updates and screwing my machine over.
  29. It does sound like the power supply. I haven't had anything like that problem with my build.
  30. thats what i said yesterday
  31. Quote:
    What I want to know is how long did you run memtest for?

    You need to run it for a minimum of 1 hour better 2 best all night.

    Also check your optical/hd jumpers. Them darn things can screw up anything.

    Do what I say, its from experience....

  32. I am betting on some sort of a software problem. Something is taking over every 30 seconds. Start up the performance monitor and see if you can catch what task is activating every 30 seconds. I think there is a way to write the performance log to a file. Make a note of what time the slowdown starts and stops, then compare it to the log.
  33. Download and run 'Drive fitness test' and WD diagnostics. Faulty hard drive can do frequent recalibration, which will give those symptoms. You could also test HD with HDTACH and HDTUNE.

  34. HEY GUYS THANKS FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS, I have tried just about all of them and appreciate all your help. I am glad to say that my problem is finally gone!

    I am not sure of exactly what did it but I will say that these are a few things that i beleive fixed my problem.

    1. Changed the SATA cable on my Hard Drive.....I'm not kidding on this one, I know it was a bad cable.

    2. Flashed BIOS to newest one

    3. Reinstalled Windows XP

    4.Removed my sound card before installing XP ( I am still afraid to install it = P)

    5. Reformatted HD during Install

    6. Using Vid card drivers that came with my x1950xtx

    Thanks for all the help guys, it made solving this puzzle much easier, if i get this problem again, I may be able to detect what caused it by process of elimination. It's nice to know that help is just a message board away.
    Thanks Again

  35. ah good

    now plug in your sound card :P

    another score for the team
  37. Good to hear. Now just don't touch it!!!!! :lol:
  38. i know annissman that your problems are gone........but in case they resurface (although God forbid so).....I had the same problem a few weeks ago and i posted it here too.....the fault was with the power supply.... I changed it and now everything is fine, touchwood.......
    all the best with the new rig....... n yes, plug in the sound card (Iwish I had one).. :lol:
  39. Quote:
    i know annissman that your problems are gone........but in case they resurface (although God forbid so).....I had the same problem a few weeks ago and i posted it here too.....the fault was with the power supply.... I changed it and now everything is fine, touchwood.......
    all the best with the new rig....... n yes, plug in the sound card (Iwish I had one).. :lol:

    I have an Audigy 2 ZS, its WAAAY overrated. Mostly, I have to use 2D sound because when I TRY to use EAX, its gets very messed up. Noise and distance then have no relation. not good.

    I used the Bluegears Benspirer for a while and it was AMAZING. Only up to EAX2, but it did it so well as well as music and video.

    must buuuuy.....
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