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helping out a boss with his computer issue(unable to install a program), I found his user account had been changed to a user limited account. network logon to administrator no longer works, even though i gave it no password when installing his OS(xp w sp2) and had installed a program just yesterday on it. he says he had not changed anything, i doubt he would know how, and his other two accounts that were previously admins, are now limited. what could have caused this, and is there a possible fix? never encountered this problem before

thanks for any input
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  1. not sure, hacked, virus, trojen, why not do a good scan with Nod32 Free 30 Day Trial and find out
  2. yeah strange, i've seen a lot, but never this before. i checked with the boss, and he did hit an open wi-fi hotspot for about an hour today during lunch. no other time was it on any network. i'll try nod32 and be back in a minute. thanks

    well, nevrmind. im crazy to think a limited account could install any new software. the pc is now running an updated AVG. any other suggestions?
  3. check his event ID for those days and see what you see
  4. only thing from today, period, is the network controller starting and stopping around lunch time
  5. booted into safe mode w/cmd prompt and starting new task of explorer was only way to get in. oddly, the logon for administrator appeared, with no password protection. doing a restore point now. wish it luck
  6. good luck
  7. If this computer is a member of a Windows Domain, the Administrator account more then likely has a password if you're logging in through the Domain. You shouldn't have used the local Administrator account.

  8. nah, its not on a domain, just the generic WORKGROUP. when i set the OS up, i specifically gave the admin account no password. system restore did nothing. so, i booted into safe mode, and got the admin account as a selection @xp logon. one click, no password, and i was in. i reset all the user accounts back to where they were before, and rebooted. everything stuck. but i still would like to know what it was that caused the problem. scanned the system with symantec antivirus corp edition, ad-aware se(the bought version) and with spybot s&d, but found nothing with any of them. strange. the only logical explanation was someone physically got into the pc OS and made thoise changes, since only one of the acccounts remained as admin, but was now PW protected. in any case, i conqueres this latest issue in stride

    thanks for all the help
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