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I am wondering if it is worth my money to upgrade my processor at this point. I am a gamer and looking for an increase in fps and general computer speed. I've been told that the first one i'm looking at is good but i'm afraid that i will not notice a difference from my old one (the fact that it is cheap makes me a little causious).
Would it be worth my money to spend 3x the cash on the second card? How big of a differnce would i notice between the 3rd processor and my original processor.
All Advice is welcome, thanks!
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  1. first off what video card do u have, and regardless most likely I would go with the 6000+ because it is just flat out a fast chip. Do u want to OC? You can probably get the 3800+ to around 2.6 - 2.7ghz if lucky.


  2. Quote:
    first off what video card do u have, and regardless most likely I would go with the 6000+ because it is just flat out a fast chip. Do u want to OC? You can probably get the 3800+ to around 3.6 - 3.7ghz if lucky.



    I think you'd have to be extremely lucky to hit 3.6-3.7, 3Ball. Probably impossible with normal cooling for sure. 2.8-3.0 is probably a reasonable effort though. But yeah, you'll certainly notice a significant speed up with either processor. Go for the 6000 if you want the fastest cpu that you're board will take. There are better values though further down the line. Even if you don't overclock, a 3800 will give you a pretty good boost in performance. If you don't overclock too, a 5600 would probably suit you best.
    BTW, the fact that they are cheap means nothing. There is just a huge price war going on, which gives you excellent value for your money.
  3. ROFLMAO, that is my bad man, that was suppose to read 2.6 - 2.7ghz! LOL


  4. It is now corrected. My bad jack! Sorry for the confusion everyone! lol


  5. Jack makes a good point, cheap now with mild OC and you will most likely be satisfied with it until you next rebuild!


  6. Well with that gfx card, depending on how long you decide to keep this system is what will determine your need. If you plan to rebuild in the near future then the 3800+ with an OC. If you plan to keep for a while and not OC then the 6000+. Hope this helps!


  7. Quote:

    Wow, yeah, 3800+ with overclock will suite you well --- your current processor is not at all well matched with this card....

    Most all of the AMD processors bottleneck a GTX and the lower 1/3 or so will bottleneck the GTS, but an overclocked 3800+ will get just about right...


    Well, unless he uses the card to drive a resolution and IQ that it is intended for, then there won't be any noteworthy bottlenecking going on regardless of processor. But his overall system performance will certainly increase.
  8. If you're going to buy a lower-ranged CPU for overclocking and a temporary job, get the 3600+.
  9. I just found out i'm the biggest noob lol.
    I went ahead and ordered the 64x2 3800

    I got it and after spending an hour+ trying to figure out why i could not install it i realize it is the wrong socket. Me knowing little about processors and this being my first attempt to install.

    I need a processor that fits a socket 939.
    This is one i found and i'm curious how it will compare to the other i mentioned in the first post.

    I hope newegg will let me return the one i bought even though its outta the box. I spend $100 on that and a fan :(
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