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i'm thinking of vista 64bit and was wondering if anyone here had it and was running photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, fireworks and the rest of the CS3 programs with out any troubles?
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  1. Hi MrMJS,

    Since no-one has specifically answered your questions, I will tell you a little of what I know regarding Adobe and Vista 64. However, on their web-site, they are very clear about their Vista support so if you are depending on any feedback from this site, I would suggest that you re-examine your requirements (I have been badly burned in the past and strongly suggest that you go to the source).

    I own Adobe Acrobat version 8 and it works great with all versions and 'bitness'es of Vista. I am currently using Vista 64, only. Vista 64 is not completely supported by Adobe (but I am a survivor... see Adobe's site). I have found through an Adobe user's forum that for Acrobat to properly work, sometime during its install process you will need to substitute a 32bit version of a standard dll for the requested 64-bit version (pdf.ddl_64 was manually renamed to pdf.ddl). After I made that one substitution, I have not had any issues with any of the Adobe products, 32-bit or 64-bit.

    To restate, WRT to asking these kinds of questions regarding Adobe products... First, YMMV. Secondly, Adobe, MS, or even the dear old IRS of the USA is not your forgiving friend.

    Best (, somewhat bitter warnings),
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