Cant download!!

Ok i need your help here guys!
this has been annoying me for a couple weeks now.

i just formatted and reinstalled winXP pro sp2 onto my computer and got it all nice and running.

and it just wont let me download using programs like limewire and and bittorrent program, i can download directly off websites but that is it.

ive went through my firewall(Comodo) and enabled the ports that BitSpirit to do anything. and I've done the same in the XP firewall exceptions. I've got windows firewall disabled also.

im totally at a loss now.

any suggestion??
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  1. your firewall is blocking them
  2. And if your firewall isn't the problem, then perhaps your ISP has seen it fit to block certain P2P programs?
  3. Check to see if the ports you set your torrent program matches your router ports. Since you installed a fresh torrent p2p program, you probably didn't set their ports to the opened router ports. So just open your torrent program and set the ports on that.
  4. I already said his firewall was blocking him whats the point of repeating?
  5. Well, i thought firewall was different from opening ports on the p2p program.
  6. routers are firewalls, hardware firewalls, the best firewalls are hardware firewalls ;)
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