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i don't know if this is the right place to put this, but im all out of ideas. when i run vista to install i never get past 0%. not only that i get one of three errors.. something like "windows setup could not reinitialize the deployment engine", something about couldnt intiate the restart phase, and "windows could not assign a drive letter to a partion on disk 0.".. well im not sure if its just not reading it or what. vista and bios have always recognized my drive. when i get the writing error or just try formatting it, it doesnt show anymore. this is solved by just leaving my computer off for a while, or plugging it into another sata drive. i dont know what to do, and nothing seems to help, seeing as how im building my own computer i cant do half the things i read that could help... someone help. feel free to move this post if its in the wrong section.. or whatever. o ya, and originally i got a disk read error, which really stumped me. i think thats when i changed the sata slot on my motherboard, which fixed it. im clueless..thanks for your help,
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    its not my fault you suck at building a simple pc.

    i made one for my sisters boyfriend 2 days ago and i used e4300 too and it turned on the first time perfect because i am perfect too.

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  5. Ive had similar problems with older harddrives.

    Fixed it by reformating fat, but harddrive died a few months later
    Fixed one by reformating ntfs, install xp then upgraded to vista.

    I have had alot of trouble with windows not recognizing hard drives. Accorting to microsoft it is best to install vista with minimal things hooked up. Friday I built an new computer, the one im typing on. i couldnt get vista or xp to install. It took me several hours of random errors before I went online and found something saying to install vista with out extra hardware. I unhooked all HD except Prinary, unhooked all drives except dvd. Did a dual instal xp and vista. Both worked perfect first time. I then put everything back in. Seems to be doing great.
  6. i have one hard drive and one dvd/rw drive :\ what should i remove
  7. hummm, beats me.

    are you sure the hd is good?

    Is your bios ok with vista?

    Do you have more than 2gb of ram?
    vista wont install with more than 2 gb of ram without an upgrade .
    you need to install vista then upgrade then install ram.

    You graphic card may not work with vista
    but that shouldnt be a problem intill later in the install.

    Have you tried reformating?
  8. ya, ive formated my hd before. im pretty sure its either vista or my hd LOL. but i dont want to return one and find the same problems when i get it back. i have 2gig ram and an 8600gt. sounds pretty vista compatible :\ and ive tried using my drivers from my motherboard. but that doesnt do much. idk really what to use from the drivers disk either. i just go to chipset-nvidia-vista-32bit-1500c (or something)-sata_ide

    the only other options i could find are like raid n stuff but i dont use raid.. i have only 1 hd. so idk. im abotu to try and see if vista installs on an old hd. its ata.. but that shouldnt matter i dont think
  9. well i guess now im pretty sure its my hard drive. vista is installing fine on my old hard drive. its not sata, however, so im scared to RMA my sata drive. should i?
  10. make sure the sata hd is pluged into #1 plug. It isnt supposed to matter but Ive had it make a differnce. Then make sure you bios doesnt have some form of raid turned on. I was playing in bios and changed some setting and lost all my HD's. Bios said they were there but the operating system couldnt find them. They were in a raid configuration. If that doesnt turn up any answers then you need someone better then I.

    good luck
  11. ya ive used the sata drive 1, but i got a disk read error, but it worked in the 2nd one. and also, the only raid option in my bios is RAID option (or something): IDE, RAID. its on IDE.
  12. If it wont recgonize the hd in 1 something is wrong. Sorry, but your past what i know. You need to find out why hd isnt recognized in slot 1. something is wrong it very likely the HD but sould be MOBO or Bios. I would see if someone else can help with bios settings.

    I know my install wouldnt work if hd wasnt in slot 1
  13. well im rmaing it, and ill just hope to god that it works fine.
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