I have spent the last six years using MSN Dial-Up for an ISP & E-mail on an "old" Dell Demension XPS computer. I live 1 1/2 mile from Microsoft in Redmond, WA, and until just recently, I only had access to Dial-up. I am getting so much S--t on this thing now I am about ready to go back to the US Post office. I went out and bought a new "Hot" computer, as I now just got access to Comcast BB and the old system couldn't handle it. As you can tell by my not having upgraded sooner I'm not really a techy. I also have a "Yahoo" E-mail address we use when we travel to eliminate the Spam and only it also has a limited list of address's. Can someone please tell me their recommendations as to the best E-mail system(s) to use on a BB Internet access for everyday and for traveling. Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.

Thanks. A retired old fart traveler.
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  1. Have you tried using the email filters built in to msn? I have a hotmail account and set it to exclusive. Only allowed emails from people in my address book.
    Best thing to do is just dont use your main address for everthing. I got the hotmail to use on web pages and only use my normal one for really important things.
  2. Thanks for the feed back. I have MSN set to just put my "Address Book" senders in the "In Box" and everything else goes to "Bulk Mail" and that works fine, but I still have to go through all the crap in there to sort out things coming from requested "News Articles" and other things of interests. Some days I get up to 50 in "Bulk Mail" and maybe only 5 are not Spam. Comcast is coming tomorrow to put my new computer on BB. My old Dell (Win 95)is on dial-up MSN 7. I couldn't upgrade to MSN 8 or 9, because of it's system capiblities. I'm only keeping it going until the new "box" is on Comcast BB.
    I'm now debating on weather or not to load MSN 9 on my new computer or just stick with Comcast E-mail and maybe add a "Hotmail", "yahoo", etc. I like the access to data from "one site" provided by MSN, but I don't know weather it's worth it because of all the Spam it lets through.

    Has anyone updated to MSN 9? Is it worth it? If I do, I will drop MSN as an ISP and just go with MSN 9 BB.

    Comments please!!
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