Vista + Asrock dual + DDR 2 RAM = BSOD ?

HI all

Here's my specs

Vista Ultimate
Asrock 775DUAL - VSTA
Kingston DDR2 667 RAM - 2gb
Geforce 7800GS AGP

I've been running vista for quite awhile, at first it was stable, my previous setup is exactly the same as now, except i had my older ram, DDR - 1gb

Ever since i upgraded to DDR 2, my PC keeps crashing like every 3 days, i'll have a BSOD.

at first it was pretty barable coz when it happens i'm usually not home and vista auto reboots anyway.. so i just see a msg on my pc saying windows has just recovered from a BSOD crash.. but everything else is running fine.

but as time goes by, it got worst.. to the point it crashes 2x a day..

i ran memtest86 overnight and it gave some errors.. so i decided to return my ram (still on warrenty) and swap for a new pair.

The new pair works.. but it too gave me a BSOD roughly 3days appart.. I'm worried that this RAM will end up like my previous one..

I'm wondering if anyone have these problems? or any advice?

worst case senerio i wouldn't mind reinstalling XP instead of Vista.. (stupid memory hogger...)
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  1. My system never has had a BSOD and I never turn it off - while that doesn't prove much, it does tend to eliminate Vista as the cause and a BSOD tends to point directly towards hardware issues. IMO (only), It sounds like you may have an ongoing temperature or a voltage problem.

    Do you have any error logs being posted? You can look at the logs by opening up the control panel and then selecting administrative tools. You may want to clear your current log files and then watch them for a few days; that can help you to maybe find the problem.

    Another thing you may want to do is run memtest86+ overnight, again. Be sure you are running the newest memtest86+ from (not .com), they recently updated it.

    Also, you may want to think about getting a small table fan (but not too small) from Target (around $15) and open up your cabinet and just let the fan blow on high, mostly at your cpu for a while (overall, it should cool the entire mobo better than whatever you may have, including water). That may change your symptoms.

  2. hi there, thx for the reply.

    what you suggested might be the cause, coz i remember reading in some other forums before that Asrock + DDR2 has some voltage problems.. problem is i do not know what's the ideal solution to it or any sites that might help in that..

    i'll try to get some error log files and post it here, atm at work.. this happens only my home pc.

    As for heat wise.. i doubt that's the problem coz my pc in general is pretty cool.

    I've ran memtest86+ the old ram sticks gave me a problem.. the new ones so far.. i haven't tried yet.. but if the new ones gonna give the same problem.. i'm gonna be thinking that my mobo is actually spoiling the ram sticks after awhile due to voltage problems.. :(
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