Strange keyboard problem today. I type one key but get two!

Hello, I have a serious problem that might involve formatting and reinstalling everything, but I wanted to try you guys first. You've never let me down in the past. No one else has been able to help me so far.

I've always used the US-international keyboard in Windows XP because when I write, I often have to use international characters. With the US-international keyboard, one has to type the apostrophe or quotation key and then hit another key before it will appear i.e. if you type an apostrophe and then an "s", it will come out as ('s) like it should. This is so that accents on vowels can be easily typed.

Today, a strange problem began happening and I can't figure out the reason. Suddenly, when I type an apostrophe (') I end up with two apostrophes with only one keystroke (''). This also happens with quotations (""), the grave accent (``), tildes (~~), and carets (^^). When I hit any of these keys, I get double!

The strangest thing is, when I restart my computer and begin fresh, everything behaves normally until I open up a folder! I can open up Firefox or my email program and type away normally. As soon as I open up a folder, this problem occurs and the only way to stop it is to restart again or switch to the regular US keyboard.

The other strange thing that started happening is that the buttons on the side of my mouse (the Logitech MX500) no longer work when navigating folders, but they work normally when I navigate through webpages in Firefox.

I'm not exactly sure when these problems started happening, but it was today. What I did today was install some language dictionaries and a verb conjugator program on my computer. I know that these programs didn't cause the problem because I've had them installed before without any issues, and I have two friends who use them. I also did a virus scan with Kaspersky Anti-virus 6.0. It detected two trojans, which it then neutralized, but I think it may have identified some important files as viruses and then deleted them. I'm really beginning to hate this new anti-virus program. It seems to think that everything is a virus! From the log:

deleted: Trojan program Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.oj File: C:\DOCUME~1\Nathan\LOCALS~1\Temp\hbd.dll//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle//PECompact

deleted: Trojan program Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.agp File: C:\System Volume Information\_restore{3C0DFAC5-8283-443E-86C8-6788DD816276}\RP161\A0087130.exe//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle//PECompact

Can anyone tell me what's going on with my keyboard and mouse now? Any idea what I can do to solve the problems? I already deleted and reinstalled my keyboard and mouse software and drivers, but that didn't do anything. The only way to make it stop is to change my keyboard to a normal US keyboard, but then I can't type accents. Not sure what to try next or if Kaspersky caused this!

Thank you for your help in advance!

PS: I'm a writer, so this is a particularly annoying problem to me. I'll probably have to reinstall everything if I can't get it sorted.
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  1. reinstall your keyboard and mouse drivers from logitech, also disable and then enable system restore, the Trojans are in your system restore, and disabling it will delete all the files for it which includes the Trojans
  2. System restore doesn't even work. I tried restoring to several points in the last 3 months, but none of them worked. Kaspersky probably deleted an integral file. No trojans are on the computer now, but I'll do what you said. Already did the driver reinstall, but it didn't work.
  3. download and install nod32 30 day trial and let that scan.

    make your settings look like this:

  4. Okay, I''ve done everything that you mentioned, but the same mouse and keyboard problems still exist. I decided to use the System File Checker that comes with Windows (sfc.exe /scannow) and I really thought that would take care of this problem. It didn''t.

    Another strange occurrence worth mentioning is that when I try to open a folder, Kaspersky immediately finds that hbd.dll file as a virus and stops access to it. Then I get a message that ""internet explorer has encountered an error and needs to close"". I get this error over and over repeatedly until I shut down Kaspersky. I don''t even use internet explorer! There is something really funky going on here. REALLY.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the latest update that Microsoft released to Windows Update? I removed it, along with any part of IE that I could find, but I still get the same damn errors.
  5. ok scan with spysweeper also and lets see
  6. Okay! So I scanned everything three times with Spysweeper. The first time the program went haywire, probably because of these viruses. But the second scan went fine. Unfortunately, in order to remove the threats, I had to pay 55$ and buy the program (decided on the version with integrated anti-virus and two years of updates). So after paying, I had to install the program again and then perform another scan. This irritated me. Then the computer crashed at the end of that scan and I had to scan yet again! Finally, on this last scan, it detected the three nasty trojans plus some adware and spyware and was able to quarantine most of it. I was forced to restart in order to clean the last bugger, the particularly nasty one. But I really think all that was worth it because now things are back to normal!!!

    I like this software quite a bit. The 30-day no-questions asked money back guarantee made the decision to buy it easier. Plus, I probably wouldn't have gone and spent that kind of money when I already have some other programs except that these other ones obviously didn't work. Moreover, Consumer Reports ranked Spysweeper as the absolute best software for spyware/trojans/etc out of all the popular ones they tested.

    I think one of these viruses was a keylogger. I did a little surfing around and found a company that sells keylogger source code for "companies who wish to monitor their employees". Yeah, right. In the forums, the problem that I experienced with the mouse and with the double characters while using the US-international keyboard was being experienced by "users" of this particular keylogger. Bastards. I only hope that it didn't steal many of my passwords or my credit card number when I bought the Spysweeper. I was careful not to enter any of the numbers in order, and then rearrange them later with the mouse. Plus, my passwords are protected by another program so I don't enter them manually. Don't know if that helps at all or is more secure.

    Anyway, thank you for your assistance. I really didn't believe that this was a virus. I am very careful about my computer habits and internet usage and have never had a virus before on my old computer. I really thought it was Kaspersky that did this. Perhaps Kaspersky got the virus angry first and then it freaked out? Regardless, I'm very happy now!!!
  7. glad to hear you got it, I wish you had told me you want to purchase it first, next time buy a renew licence it comes out to be cheaper ;) I could have helped you with that, but that is ok now you know ;)

    one important thing, I recommend spysweeper for its spyware adware abilities, its really the best, however I have not tested or used the anti virus part of it, so I'm not sure how good that is. I recommend nod32 for anti virus, on my system I have spysweeper for anti spyware and nod32 for anti virus.

    good luck ;)
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