whats the best antivirus out there?

First of all, let me apologize for this, sure as heck, common question; I know its a classic and some of you must be tired of it, but, please, Im in a hurry...I really need your opinions so I can choose properly.
My 2006 McAffe has gone kaput, it started to malcfunction a couple months ago, and althogh I reinstalled the update suscription has expired. Now, the real problem is that, obviously I dont have definition updates anymore and my pc is behavin poorly (slow to open folders, have to give triple or more clicks to give commands and browse internet and files, etc...) I think its mainly due to the fact that my hdd is almost filled, and my C partition have almost no room available ( C partition is under 10 GB and the space left is under 300 MB) but since I know virus, trojans, worms and the like can give plenty of trouble too and perhaps the real responsables of the problem, I want you ways to show me the light. Which internet security suite is the best right now? Which antivirus is the most reliable?
McAffe 2007?
I have heard somethings about kaspersky, but only thing I know for sure about it is that it is slow and "heavy" as hell. I have seen this antivirus take an impresive amount of time to do the work and how it doesnt allow you to surf, play music, or other tasks (actually I see that it does not allow you to do anything else in the machines that have it)
McAffe was good for me, but its weird behavior months ago, and the fact that it listed as PUPs some apps that I trust (namely chameleon clock) continuosly makes me wonder.
Panda advertised itself as a super improved and reliable app, but I dont know for sure.

Whats the best option for me guys? I need to install a new protection, and have to install it now!
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  1. I'm a software tester, you can either choose my tests, scans and knowledge and save yourself some time or you can waiste it on opinion of others.

    Nod32 Free 30 Day Trial

    you like it after a week then buy it ;)

    but be prepared:

    its much faster then mcafee, so get ready to spend less time scanning ;)
    its much lighter then mcafee, so get ready for your pc to feel a bit faster ;) or atleast be able to to do more things at once.
    its got only 2 processes vs mcafee's 5 and up processes clogging your pc

    last but not least its very addictive and updates are much faster then mcafee

    once you got it choose a profile to use for all scans then set that profile up like this:

  2. This is a rather large category. You can either go the all free route and spend time fine tuning those packages to your needs, go the all free route and use default settings, or spend a $100 for an all in one package that has only one years worth of updates before you have to renew your subscrition. I went the all free route with some tweaks and am happy as a clam for it.

    Here's what I've got:


    ZoneAlarm 7.0


    AVG Anti-Virus Free 7.5


    Windows Defender
    Ad-Aware SE


    Spyware Blaster


    AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

    Hope this helps.
  3. congrats you are using software that states it holds no responsibility for your safety and you think you are safe ;)

    when it comes to antivirus and anti spyware do not go free, freewares do not hold any responsibility for your safety what so ever nor do they back their own software ;)
  4. Thanks for the pelies guys, I'll check waht yo said. I still need more info to make my mind, so please everybody, keep posting and voting.
  5. you are not gonna get anybody else posting or anything, first off you don't have all the good ones listed like nod second this topic has been done a million times before so search the forum for the double of this topic.

    just remember 2 things:

    1. I own a freeware site

    2. never rely on a freeware security app since every single one tell you in their TOU that they do not in any shape or form take responsibility for those apps, so you are not safe from nothing ;)
  6. Panda Interent Security has been very good to me... never had an issue with viruses or spyware since I started using it. I purchase the OEM version every year, as it is quite cheap.

    They update their signatures daily and are quick to fix bugs that are brought to their attention. I wish I could say the same for Symantec or McAffee.
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