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Hi guys,

Can i please ask that if anybody knows howto connect remotely from a windows xp pc to a sort of linux system. The linux system involved does not have any kde installed. All i need to do is create a connection to be able to run command from my windows pc on the linux box. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated.(I have tried mindterm wich implement ssh and i have also tried VNC)

Thanks :?:
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  1. Steps
    1. Download PuTTY freely at:
    2. Download RealVNC freely at:
    3. Install both programs as instructed.
    4. Open PuTTY.
    5. Enter your IP address in the Host Name box and Port should be 22. You can find your IP address by typing 'ipconfig' at your command prompt.
    6. Select SSH as your Protocol.
    7. Enter a name for your session (to be saved later for quick recall in subsequent sessions) in the Saved Sessions box.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Click Open.
    10. This will take you to the black PuTTY window.
    11. Open a tunnel on your remote Linux machine by using the following command: vncserver :01. This will open a tunnel that will allow you to emulate your remote desktop.
    12. Exit PuTTY and reopen the program.
    13. Select your saved session and click Load.
    14. In the far left menu bar scroll to the bottom and select Tunnels.
    15. On the Tunnels screen enter 59## in the Source Port box, where ## is your tunnel number. In the case above, your Source Port # would be 5901.
    16. In the destination box, enter your IP address as your Destination. Local and Auto should be selected below this.
    17. Go back to your first screen by selecting Session from the menu on the far left.
    18. Click Save. If you do not click Save you will lose all tunnel data necessary for you next session.
    19. You should now be ready to emulate your Linux Desktop.
    20. Click Open in the PuTTY window.
    21. Start RealVNC Server once the program is open.
    22. Enter localhost:#, where # is your tunnel number, in the small window that pops up. In the above example, you would enter localhost:1.
    23. Enter your password when RealVNC Server prompts you for your Linux password and hit OK.
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