XP Pro and DELL BIOS dont see all of my 200GB HDD--Help!

Im running XP Pro SP2 on my DELL Dimension 3000. I just installed a 200Gb IDE Western Digital ATA drive. I cant get WIndows XP to see anything over 137Gb and I tried to enable LBA in the registry but the key to do so isn't there. I don't want to lose 63 Gb on this drive. I upgraded the DELL BIOS to A003 version from A000 version thinking that would help. It did not. Is there any utility out there that I can use to enable the LBA so that my PC sees the full 200 GB hard drive?

Thank you Pros!
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  1. use acronis disk manager and open the rest of the space ;)
  2. Or you can simply delete the existing partition and re-create it... if you have nothing you need to keep. If you have data on the drive that you'd like to hang on to, then ed's suggestion is the way to go.

    Edit: Forgot to ask... what version of XP Pro? Original? SP1? SP2? I believe your XP install CD must have at least Service Pack 1 to be able to create partitions larger than 137GB. If you can see 137GB, then LBA is already enabled (as it is by default on newer Dells). You can use Acronis to "grow" the partition, but unless you have at least SP1 installed on your XP, it probably still won't recognize anything more than 137GB.
  3. I had installed 250GB drive on sp1, what ever it does not recognise I just used the acronis disk manager to expand the partition into its full size.
  4. It's easier to use a slipstreamed SP2 CD from the start.

  5. needless to say but if they are using sp1 that won't help
  6. True enough... but was the 137GB limit resolved in SP1 or SP2? I can't recall now for the life of me...
  7. honestly I think it was sp2 however before sp2 came out I had sp1 and installed the above mentions 250GB, I don't remember how much of it saw but I do remember I had to resize it with Acronis
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