running two XP setups on one system?

Here's my challenge: I do two differnt types of work (previously I ran two separate computers for these but I want to run just one):
1) every day work in MS Office, Internet-access, other apps
2) Intense large-video editing and audio mixing
For the first use I want lots of background apps running to protect me (anti-virus, firewalls, etc).
For #2 I want a minimum-background app system setup in order to have no interrupts and lots of power on tap.
I am running an Intel 6700 Duo.
How do I set up two separate O/S or setup versions to achieve each of these on the same computer system?
thanks in advance,
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  1. not sure what you mean, but firs off you don't' need lots of background apps running to keep you safe.

    anti virus = nod32 very light low CPU
    firewall Sygate pro very light low CPU
    anti spy ware = spysweeper run it only once a week for cleaning.

    that is it very light, and low CPU

    thats my setup and I do lots more then all of the stuff you are talking about.

    if you really want a good setup to be able to do stuff freely its your ram not how you setup the PC.

    you got a c2d how much ram you got with that?
  2. setup another user and log in as that user. He will only have what you give him.
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