Buying a new PSU, but not all will fit my case? Opinions?

Happy Saturday everybody! My wife's PSU recently bit the bullet, and she needed a bandaid to get by with until I could grab a new one. So I pulled the Antec True 430 from my case thinking it would be a clean switch. Wrong. It wouldn't fit by a long shot.

This is her case:

Her case came with that crappy Powmax, and mine came with the Antec. Is there anything I should avoid when shopping as far as what will fit? Is the only reason I couldn't get it to fit correctly becuase my PSU was an OEM piece in a case package deal?

Help appreciated greatly, our MMOing is suffering!
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  1. Antec TP should fit in that case. What are the dimensions of the old PSU and the Antec?
  2. I have a corsair XH520W, it's 6x6x4.

    By the picture you're showing, this one "looks" smaller. A quick measurement will tell.
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