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I'm having an EXTREMELY frustrating problem on both FireFox and IE. For some reason certain text in some places is bigger than the text in other places. Let me give you an example:

This is what I see in imdb.com:

See the two different size fonts? They should be the same size, but they aren't! I've had this problem for months on this machine and I've tried furiously to get rid of it. Of course, I've tried messing around with the general font size (Ctrl & +/-), but here's an example of what happens:

Before (Note that the text in the white area is too SMALL):

After (NOW note that the banner at the top is too BIG - it messes up the graphic even!):


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  1. Can anyone help?
  2. Now it's just not the fonts in my browser. It's my fonts on most applications. The fonts go OUT of the window, making some applications completely noninteracting.

    Please help!
  3. Do the obvious virus / malware scans to make sure there's no nasty bugs causing this. It's also possible that your fonts folder is damaged / missing files... in this case the best thing to do is a repair.
  4. Okay, so I did an Ad-Aware SE scan, a Norton Antivirus scan, a Norton Windows checkup and hard disk checkup. Nothing yet resolved

    Do a "repair"? How do I go about doing that? Any alternative to using the XP CD?
  5. Use the XP CD as if you were going to install Windows on a fresh, blank hard drive. Before it asks you which partition you wish to install to, it will detect your current Windows installation and give you the option to repair it or install a fresh copy of Windows. Press "R" for repair, and you're set. Do NOT try to repair from the Repair Console.
  6. your adaware sucks

    do a free scan with spysweeper and see if you really do have something on your pc.

    when you install it before you scan set your options like this:

    then if system is clean you can find a visual step by step for xp repair here: xp repair
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