Windows Media Player causing crashes?

Have Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
Running e6600 @ 2700Mhz- orthos stable for 16 hrs

Having crashes ONLY when using Windows Media Player. Total System freeze, no bsod, have to press reset button.

Would use alternative media player if there was one for 64 bit Vista.

Anyone else had this problem......... any fixes?
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  1. Not a fix but a suggestion - could it be codex? Do all of your media file types freeze in wm?
  2. Depending on what you're trying to play, try downloading the Vista Codec Pack.

    Otherwise, it could be a corrupted library. Try opening WMP, starting a search for media wherever you keep it, and letting it complete before doing anything else.
  3. thought as much. have used the vista codec pack to no avail as well as klite. Both 64 bit and 32 bit media player.

    Immensely frustrating as it always does it wen people are marvelling at the magic of my pc.

    will try 32 bit media player, after uninstalling all codec packs and reinstalling vista codec pack.

    Fingers crossed, yet not hopeful.

  4. Just out of interest, as you have Ultimate too, what happens when you open Media Centre?
  5. media center is fine, i just dont use it due to high system usage

    The system seems to crash only when im using media player or filling out forms on the net (as in posting here while listening to music caused a crash)

    Have been using media player classic but it has no library feature

    apart from that vista ultimate gets 5 thumbs up now all the drivers are sorted

  6. Try setting the processor back to stock speeds... your overclock may be causing the issue.
  7. i thought that, but orthos stable for 17hrs and crashed by media player?
  8. Stranger things have happened... we're talking about computers here.
  9. realised my last post came off as a tad aggressive. I agree by all means, its just a tad annoying because vista is so much more responsive at 2.7 than 2.4 because i can run CPUFSB:RAMFSB at 3:2 without dropping the frequency of my RAM

    Cheers for the help
  10. Quote:
    media center is fine, i just dont use it due to high system usage

    I think that says something in itself - Media Centre is not a resource hog at all. Maybe a problem with the the WMP install?
  11. By that i mean its slower than Mediaplayer. Plus u cant maximise it in one screen while using the other screen.

    Tried using 32 bit media player, 64 bit player. Vista codecs, Klite codecs.

    Removed the overclock.

    Pushed up the fan speeds.

    CPU @ 45 load/ 41 idle

    Still getting about one or two crashes per day while using media center

    Apart from that system stable

    May just accept it and give up

    Reformatting, perhaps in 5 weeks when i finish uni for the year

    Thanks for the help

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