Need help please. Bad MB or PSU?

I have just put together a new computer and having some problems. When i turn it on the psu fan begins to spin then the cpu fan starts and the comp shuts off and restarts. doesnt have time to post or anything.

At first i thought it was the cheap psu i had bought so i went out and got another and the samething happens.

Gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 mobo
2 1g sticks Patriot 800
Antec Truepower trio and a cheap raidmax 630w dualrail psu

Could it be the amps on the psu? the antec has 3 19a 12v rails and the raidmax has 22a & 19a rails. or just a bad mobo?
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  1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    if you need more info about the problem let me know. i know it has something to do with the atx 12v connection
  2. I've taken everything out of it and still it won't boot. It powers on for about 2 seconds and shuts off and tries again.

    I went out and bought the antec today thinking it was just the cheap psu i bought but no dice. samething happens with it.
  3. Thanks for the help. guess i'll RMA the motherboard.

    I've been working on it out of the case on cardboard. been over the whole boards connections and i'm still at a loss.

    Only thing i can come up with is neither psu has a -5 rail and maybe the board requires one. how would i check that and could that even be it?

    This is the board
  4. If you have 2 RAM DIMMs, then try them one at a time.
  5. It sounds like its not even posting. The first tested piece is the video. Since your not getting any error messages in any way shape or form (beeps). Its probably a more basic function problem such as a malfunctioning piece of hardware.

    You have ruled out the psu as the cause of the problem. Have you made sure to connect the cpu auxilary 4 pin power connector. This is required and is labeled as ATX_12V/ATX connector in the motherboard manual

    locate the cmos reset jumper. usually Jumper 5 labeled as JP5.
    1. remove power connection from the wall. and wait a few moments if your motherboard has a power led on the board wait for it to go out.
    2. the jumper should be on pins 1 and 2. remove it and put it on pins 2 and 3. basically moving it over one pin.
    3. wait 20-30 seconds and put it back
    4. replace power connection and try to boot the pc backup.

    if this still doesnt work

    remove one ram stick. try to boot.
    if it still doesnt boot. remove that stick and place the other one in a different ram slot. (sometimes not just the ram but the slots can go bad)

    Please note in your reply if you have a pc speaker attached to your motherboard. This is a small roughly 3 inch speaker with a 4 pin connector that most cases have.

    If you dont have one of these speakers you wont be able to hear error beep codes.

    The final thing i would try is remove your video card and all but one ram stick and any other misc hardware including unplugging your hard drives, cd drives and usb devices including front panel motherboard connections and try to boot up.

    if it still doesnt work your motherboard is almost definitly malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. rma it and see what happens. Its very rare but your cpu could be malfunctioning as well.
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