Wont let me install games!

So.. I have been trying to install a few games -- F.E.A.R., CS:S, and WoW but once I pop the CD into the drive and click "install" (or whatever button it may be for that certain game) nothing happens! I then try to go to "Computer" and then double click on the drive manually and the same things happens. The little isntall menu pops up but once I click install nothing happens! Has anyone else run into this situation? .... Anyone have any possible solutions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey ck,

    I've had the same problem with F.E.A.R. and I just bought the game so I was pretty pissed.

    I solved the problem by downgrading to XP. Also, I noticed a lot of changes to my games, especially Oblivion; game loads faster, no more framing and better graphics performance.

    My advice, go back to XP for another 6 months when games start utilizing Vista and DX10 and keep your Vista CD around and handy.
  2. I have all those games installed under Vista 64, didn't have a problem. I did notice that it can take awhile to load up as it seems to be 'thinking about it'. It happens too when I click on patches that are rather large (hundreds of megs). Takes awhile but get there in the end.

    Once installed that games run/load fine.
  3. Heh! Sounds like what happened to me.

    Try replacing the IDE cable :wink:

    For me, my DVD-ROM worked flawlessly under XP. For some weird reason, when I went to Vista, it quit working.

    Went out and bought an $80 DVD-RW Drive thinking it'd help... psh

    Ended up being the stupid IDE cable!!!

    Check your cable, then come back and let us know ;)

    I've installed WoW, F.E.A.R., S.T.A.L.K.E.R., BF2142, 50% of Valve's games, Oblivion, etc. All work just fine, disregarding the FPS due to video drivers :tongue:
  4. With nearly all installs of games I have to explore the cd and run the setup.exe as administrator.. works fine then. No longer a problem for newer games.
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