On a tight budget... choosing the right PSU?

I can get Chieftec or HEC PSUs much cheaper than Thermaltake, Enermax or Antec PSUs...

Does anyone have any experience with these two relatively unknown companies?
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  1. So getting a HEC or a Chieftec means losing sleep fearing they could explode any day?

    Or is buying a top brand PSU just something that should make me feel a little better?

    I mean in TV's for example you can clearly see the difference between a Sony and a Metz, but with PSUs I just want to stick something in there and have it do the work for a couple of years knowing the risk of it dying on me is small. Can the HEC/Chieftec pull this off?

  2. although they are the better known of the cheap psus, they aren't as good as the others, also, since psus are basically the do or die part of your computer you don't want one to break.. i'd go with the cheap thermaltake 430w psu if you have an older system that needs a psu, should be about to get ti for about $30
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